Diverse Vision

High-resolution Cylindrical Display System

Providing highly immersive visual experiences

NHK STRL is researching high-resolution VR for future broadcasting applications, as an important part of the Diverse Vision that enables various viewing styles in the future. We developed a cylindrical display system that can present high-resolution VR images and is used for evaluation experiments.

The newly developed cylindrical display system realizes a high resolution of 10K × 4K pixels that cannot be achieved with conventional VR images. The system has a wide-field viewing angle of 200° and is joined horizontally by five curved 4K OLED panels (Fig. 1). The VR images provide highly realistic and immersive viewing experiences.

Fig. 1: High-resolution cylindrical display system
Fig. 2: Filming for high-resolution VR images, using three 8K cameras

The VR images were shot with three 8K cameras and stitched together (Fig. 2), so that high-resolution images across the wide field-of-view of 200° are produced. The images are then played back synchronously on the five OLED displays.
We intend to use this display to conduct cognitive evaluation experiments to acquire the required field of view, resolution, and other specifications. We also plan to conduct research on other display styles to enjoy VR images on not only HMDs but also suitable systems for public viewing, and dome-shaped displays intended for individual viewing at homes as a future media (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: Different viewing styles of the VR images

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