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NHK SPECIAL What's Happening in Myanmar?

Civilians in Myanmar risk their lives to film these events.
Evidence is rapidly being erased from social media accounts.

NHK SPECIAL What's Happening in Myanmar?

NHK is archiving videos that have been deleted from online platforms and is making them public on this site.

NHK SPECIAL What's Happening in Myanmar?

The images reveal the reality of the situation in Myanmar.

NHK SPECIAL What's Happening in Myanmar?

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What's Happening in Myanmar? NHK continues to keep a record of what's going on in Myanmar.

What we've uncovered

By analyzing, verifying and publishing video from Myanmar, we hope to report on the crackdown that has followed the military coup and uncover the truth behind the hundreds of civilian deaths.

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Videos by civilians are listed by city


Looking back at major events via videos filmed by civilians

January 10-11, 2023 Myanmar's military carries out air raids on a military camp for ethnic groups in Chin State.

March, 2022 Around 60% of the town of Thantlang is destroyed by fire.

January 6, 2022 The military kills 10 civilians in Chin State.

We are building an archive of videos, filmed by citizens, that have been deleted from digital platforms.

Since Myanmar's military seized power on February 1, 2021,  1,105 people have been killed and 8,223 others remain in detention. (Source: Assistance Association for Political Prisoners Burma,as of September 16, 2021)  At NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) in Tokyo, the Myanmar News Team began covering the situation in Myanmar immediately after the coup. Numerous videos posted on social media by people in Myanmar offered vital insights into what was going on. Many of them are shocking, capturing the killing of civilians and the brutality of the military crackdown. In some cases, analysis of multiple videos and images using cutting edge technology has shed new light on aspects of the crackdown and civilian deaths. The results of our investigations can be viewed on this website. We have also created an archive of valuable, unedited videos that have already been removed from digital platforms. These allow you to track locations and a timeline as the coup advances.
With the military maintaining tight control of information, actual events are increasingly hidden from us. Clashes continue to occur between armed groups and the military, but they are typically covered up. We will continue to monitor the situation in Myanmar closely with the help of images and other information posted by people of Myanmar.
Myanmar News Team based at NHK headquarters in Tokyo