Little Glee Monster

Little Glee Monster

Members of this vocal group originally came together with the same goal: use their refined vocals to leave a mark on the hearts of listeners. Their powerful vocals and exquisite melodies quickly found their way to the forefront of the Japanese music scene, and the group has since been featured in NHK’s prestigious Kohaku Uta-Gassen for two years straight (2017, 2018). Their fourth album "FLAVA", released in January 2019, came in at #1 on the Japanese domestic chart for the first time since their debut. Now, they are preparing for their most extensive nationwide tour yet, set to start this summer, showing the world that they are one of Japan’s most exciting female vocal groups.

Set list

Episode 2

  1. SONGS OF TOKYO Special Medley
  2. Kimi ni Todoku Made

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