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Episode 9 - Video on demand available until April 30, 2020!

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February 17, 2020 (Mon) 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, 18:30 [NHK WORLD-JAPAN]
March 1, 2020 (Sun) 0:05-0:33 [NHK General TV]

Episode 8 - Video on demand available until March 24, 2020!

The performers of SONGS OF TOKYO #8 BEST SCENE 2019 have been decided!
GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, King & Prince, LUNA SEA, Mamoru Miyano, Nana Mizuki, NEWS, OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM, SixTONES, Snow Man, TRUE, Yōko Takahashi, YOSHIKI
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Episode 8 - The first episode of SONGS OF TOKYO in 2020 will feature the Best Scenes of 2019!
[Broadcast Schedule]
January 20 (Mon) 0:10, 6:10, 12:30, 18:30 [NHK WORLD-JAPAN]
February 23, 2020 (Sun) 0:05-0:33 [NHK General TV]

Episode 7 - Video on demand available until February 27, 2020!


Episode 9 guest WAGAKKIBAND shares their unique sounds with the world!

SONGS OF TOKYO has been promoting Japanese music and culture around the world ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It's been airing as a regular program since 2019, and the 9th episode will feature WAGAKKIBAND.
After debuting in 2014, the band has been making waves by combining modern J-POP with traditional Japanese instruments such as the Tsugaru-jamisen, koto, shakuhachi, and wadaiko.Their first album featured Vocaloid covers, and the single "Senbonzakura" became an international hit, with the music video garnering over 100 million views.
WAGAKKIBAND toured the US in 2016, and their 2020 concerts will have Amy Lee of the Grammy Award-winning band Evanescence as a guest vocalist.
Host Shingo Murakami is fascinated about the diverse backgrounds of each band member. They bring down the house with hilarious incidents related to traditional insutruments. Murakami even makes them all sing shigin poetry!
Don't miss WAGGAKIBAND's unique performance!

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This revolutionary band combines rock music with traditional Japanese instruments and poetry. They debuted with their first album Vocalo Zanmai in April 2014, and their second album Yasouemaki topped the charts in Japan.
Their latest work is the concept EP, REACT. With Tokyo 2020 right around the corner, WAGAKKIBAND is making waves both in Japan and abroad.

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With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics just around the corner, Japan is endeavoring to share more of its culture with the world. Following up on the success of SONGS OF TOKYO in 2017 and 2018, SONGS OF TOKYO is becoming a monthly program in 2019! Shingo Murakami and Chiaki Horan return as the hosts, introducing artists that represent the music of modern-day Tokyo. Tune in for exciting musical performances and compelling talks in the studio with internationally popular artists!



村上 信五

Shingo Murakami



ホラン 千秋

Chiaki Horan