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Disaster “What If?” Book & Disaster “What If?” Manual Helpful wallet-sized manuals to carry with you in case of emergency


How to make your manuals

Cut your printed manual along the solid line.

Use a cutter to cut a slit along the solid line in the center.

Fold horizontally along the center.

Open the manual once and make a crease vertically along the center.

Again, fold in half toward the center (both sides).

While opening the slit you made in the center, align the middles.

Fold so that the side with the manual title appears at the front, and the “Keep This Ready!” side is on the back.

Your wallet-sized manual is ready to go!

*While designed for A4 paper, if you feel the text is too small to read, try printing on larger paper.

Disaster “What If?” BookDisaster “What If?” Manual