NHK そなえる防災

NHK SONAERU BOSAI - Disaster Preparedness –

This site provides easy-to-understand useful knowledge and information for disaster preparedness.



When you think of evacuation life, what comes to mind?
Difficult, endurance, and uncomfortable, are just a few words.
Compared to daily life, it is certainly more inconvenient.

Recently however, there are a number of new disaster prevention products that can make evacuation life more comfortable and help us to feel more secure.

Let's go ahead and get started on the disaster prevention drills so you can learn how to be prepared in the event of an emergency!



  • #1 Lighting
  • #2 Water
  • #3 Food
  • #4 Toilet
  • #5 Sanitation, Bath
  • #6 Cold
  • #7 Heat
  • #8 Information, Communication

[Supervision] Hirokazu Nagata, Chairman NPO Plus Arts
[Illustration] Bunpei Ginza