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Science View

Top Japanese scientists delve into the fascinating worlds of cutting-edge technology and the natural sciences.

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May 26, Tue.*RERUN

The Leading Edge:
The Pleasures and Paradoxes of Taste

Leptin is produced in fat cells and acts in the brain's amygdala (CG image)

Is this food good for me? Or could it be poisonous? We can tell the difference thanks to our sense of taste. But this sense can be affected by a variety of factors. Responding to smell or sight indicators, lemon-scented water can "taste" acidic. Experience can also influence our sense of taste. It's actually a survival strategy! We explore the science of taste, right down to our multipurpose taste receptor cells.

Science News Watch:
Apples Sweeter with Warming

Air Conditioning with Far Infrared Rays

May 19, Tue.

The Leading Edge:
Mass-Producing Full-Cycle Cultured Tuna

Newly-hatched tuna

Full-cycle aquaculture of Pacific bluefin tuna was first accomplished in 2002. Yet, at the time, the survival rate of the young fish was a mere 0.1%. After 13 years of research the survival rate rose dramatically to 10%. The realization of mass-production was finally in sight. The reason the research process took so long was because the young fish were very sensitive and died easily. We'll cover the process and introduce the researchers who examined and resolved each issue.

Science News Watch:
Glowing Influenza Viruses Successfully Developed

Gloves with the Perfect Fit

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