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Top Japanese scientists delve into the fascinating worlds of cutting-edge technology and the natural sciences.


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Apr. 22, Tue.

The Leading Edge:
A Guiding Light in the Darkness? The Mystery of the Glowing Forest

Glowing mushrooms within a forest in Kochi Prefecture

There are mushrooms that glow for a limited amount of time each year. Of the 20,000-plus species in the world, only a small fraction of mushrooms related to the Mycena chlorophos species emit light. The mechanism behind their bioluminescence is still unknown. Why do the filaments also glow? Why do different parts take turns glowing? How does it glow? What for? Scientists are searching for the answers, even on a genetic level. Join us as we explore the mystery of the glowing mushrooms!

Science News Watch:
Free-diving Fisherman Captures Giant Squid

A Wet-type Micronizing Mill that makes Downsizing Electronics Possible

Apr. 15, Tue.

The Leading Edge:
Japanese Carp on the Brink of Extinction!

The 2 species that live in Lake Biwa: An ordinary carp (above) and a carp endemic to Japan (below)

Carp are a common fish that can be found in ponds and lakes worldwide. How could they be endangered? It has long been believed that there was only one species in the whole world, but it turns out that Japan has 2 carp species. The discovery was made long ago by Siebold, but his findings were rejected by the academic community of his time. The mystery was finally solved with modern science. Tune in to learn more about Japan's enigmatic and endangered carp.

Science News Watch:
Japanese Crested Ibis "Aki-chan" found Dead

A Revolutionary Machine for Making Soymilk

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