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World GO! at Himeji International Friendship Festival



The next World Go! will go to the world heritage, Himeji Castle. We are going to the “Himeji International Friendship Festival” that will be held at Otemae Park. World GO! will be next to the stage performances near “Games Across the Globe”. Domo will also come, so everyone, please come and join us!


【Date & Time】
October 27 10:00-15:00


Inside the “24th Himeji International Friendship Festival” held at Otemae Park (68 Honmachi, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture)



Welcome Event at Narita International Airport

During Rugby World Cup JAPAN 2019, we’re going to have a welcome event at Narita International Airport!


You can watch our popular programs such as “GRAND SUMO Highlights” or travel programs all over Japan, and experience contents which introduce how to be safe during a disaster.


You can enjoy playing a huge Japanese capsule toy machine! You may win our stuffed toy “DOMO”!

Please come and enjoy!

【Date & Time】
October 4-31 10:00-18:00

Narita International Airport Terminal1 Arrival Lobby (Visitor Service Center)