Global Festa JAPAN 2018 in Tokyo

globalfesta1.JPGOn September 29, World GO! participated in Global Festa JAPAN 2018 held at the Odaiba Center Promenade. 


Tourism Expo Japan 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight

tourism1.jpgWorld Go! participated in Tourism Expo Japan 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight on September 22 and 23! 


Spending family time at NHK Fukushima Station

fukushima1.jpgFukushima welcomed World GO! with azure blue skies and a cool breeze. World GO! was there to take part in the NHK Fukushima Station’s Summer Festival which happened on August 18 and 19! 


Mingling with the sumo wrestlers at Aoyama Gakuin Memorial Hall

aoyama_sumo1.jpgBraving the heavy rain and wind, World GO! made its way to Aoyama Gakuin Memorial Hall in Shibuya to take part in the sumo summer tour event held in the university’s premises. 


World GO! makes its way to the busy streets of Asakusa!

asakusa1.jpgWorld GO! makes its way to Marugoto Nippon, a shopping complex located in Asakusa which is packed with shops offering a wide variety of local products and specialties from the prefectures of Japan. 


World GO! debuts in Tokyo!

World GO! finally made its way to the bustling capital of Japan, Tokyo! On May 19 and 20, World GO! visited Tokyo Tower, the iconic attraction that is highly popular with both locals and tourists alike.



Mount Fuji, here we come!

World GO! made its way to Lake Kawaguchi-ko, home to the iconic Mount Fuji.



Onward to Shizuoka

After its debut in Nara, World GO! headed to the city of Shizuoka. Here, you are looking at the newly constructed building of NHK Shizuoka Station.  



World GO! debuts in Nara!

Since the start of its operations in April, World GO! has been actively visiting various places of interest around Japan! 

Its debut event was at one of Nara’s historical sites, the Heijo Palace (Nara Imperial Palace).