Disaster Preparedness Drill for Foreign Residents at Komazawa, Tokyo


On 16 January, World GO! participated in the “Disaster Preparedness Drill for Foreign Residents” held at Komazawa Olympic Park. The event was organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We held disaster preparedness workshops and introduced NHK WORLD-JAPAN to visitors.



At the workshops, visitors tested their disaster prevention knowledge with quizzes available on NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s “BOSAI” website and tried their hand at making “newspaper cups”, one of the crafts introduced on the “HOW TO CRAFT SAFETY” portal. Instructions and videos available on the portal introduce creative ways to turn everyday objects into items useful in times of emergency.



NHK WORLD-JAPAN set up a publicity booth introducing video tutorials and actual prototypes of various crafts which would come in handy in times of disaster.


What’s more, the free-to-download NHK WORLD-JAPAN TV app has a useful push notification service which informs the user of earthquakes and tsunamis when they occur, including information like location and intensity. Do make use of this free service and prepare yourself for disaster.