XGへの質問を大募集!(Send us your questions for XG. Please input from the form below!)


番組では6/15(土)に出演するXG への質問を大募集します。

・XG でのビジュアルのこだわりは?

ALPHAZ の皆さんからのたくさんの質問をお待ちしています。


XG will perform on the show on Saturday, June 15, and we want your questions for the group!

What sorts of questions?
・What is your best memory of performing at an overseas festival?
・What secrets from your pre-debut period can you share with us now?
・What has been your most amazing or impressive experience in the two years since your debut?
・What is your favorite element in the XG visuals?
(actually, anything you want to know!)

ALPHAZ members, send us your questions for XG!

Application Closed. Thank you for all your posts.

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