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How to use podcasting

"Easy Japanese" using podcasting

NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN distributes lesson audio for "Easy Japanese" by podcasting. When registered once, it's automatically downloaded to your device, everytime a lesson audio is delivered. You can listen to the downloaded audio even in an environment without Internet. You don't need to worry about missing the latest lesson.

For using the system

An application and the access to the Internet are necessary for using podcast service. Apps for podcast player are provided via the Internet.

In the case of smartphones and tablets:

  1. Download the application for podcasting to your device.
  2. Open the application, and search for NHK WORLD's "Easy Japanese".
  3. Select "Easy Japanese" and register it.

In the case of PC:

  1. Download and install software for podcasting (iTunes etc.) to the personal computer.
  2. Register the program you want to listen to in the application.
    (In the case of using iTunes)
    Activate the application, and select "Podcast" from the menu.
    Open the page for "Easy Japanese", drag and drop the icon titled "RSS Podcasting" to the iTunes screen, then it's complete.
*You will leave the NHK website.