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Do you know how to ask if something is OK in Japanese?

Hmm. How would I say that?

When you want to ask if something is OK, say DAIJOBU DESU KA?

For example, if you want to ask if you can pay by credit card at a store, just say "Credit card, DAIJOBU DESU KA?"

You can also use DAIJOBU DESU KA? when you're concerned about someone who's having trouble.

When someone asks you DAIJOBU DESU KA?, you can reply DAIJOBU DESU. That will let the person know you're OK.

Some Japanese restaurants expect you to take off your shoes when you go in, but others don't.

If you're not sure what to do, just say "Shoes, DAIJOBU DESU KA?" The answer will come straight away!

When you want to say OK, just remember DAIJOBU. It can help in all sorts of situations.

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