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DOKO DESU KA? Where is...?

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I'm walking from the station, but I got lost.

Can you ask someone for directions?

Getting lost is just part of going places you've never been before.

When asking for directions in Japanese, say DOKO DESU KA? (Where is...?)

If you pair that with the name of the place you want to go, even in English, somebody can probably point you in the right direction.

If you can show a map, a picture in a guidebook or your smart phone, you're even more likely to get a helpful response.

Japanese cities and towns have police boxes where officers are stationed.
In Japanese, the buildings are called KÔBAN.

KÔBAN are meant to keep communities safe. They're also where people go when they need directions or when they've lost belongings.

So whenever you need help, head for the KÔBAN.

To let people know where you want to go, say your destination followed by DOKO DESU KA? (Where is...?). Or, just show a map and say DOKO DESU KA?