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Do you know how to ask in Japanese if it's okay to take a photo?

Hmm. How would I do that?

When you come across scenes that are typically Japanese, naturally you want to take pictures.

But like anywhere else in the world, some places don't allow it.

So you should ask II DESU KA? (May I?)

Even if you don't know how to say "I'd like to take a picture" in Japanese, people will understand if you gesture like you're pushing the shutter button down and ask II DESU KA?

II DESU KA? (May I?) can help you in all kinds of situations.

When you ask for permission to do something, a Japanese person will usually smile and nod if it's okay.

If it's not okay, the person will wave a hand back and forth.

Some places such as temples and museums have signs that say photos aren't allowed.

If you say II DESU KA? (May I?) while making gestures, people will probably figure out what you mean.