Acute Low Back Pain: When sudden violent back pain strikes.


English セルフケア・対処 腰痛

What is sudden acute low back pain?

The medical term for a sudden back pain is Acute Low Back Pain.
Most of back pain is acute, or short term, and lasts for a few weeks. In some cases, it can take between 1 to 3 months. Most of acute low back pain is mechanical in nature, meaning that there is a disruption in the way the components of the back (the spine, muscle, intervertebral discs, and nerves) fit together and move. But in most cases, it's difficult to define the cause.

Posture favoring lumbago


Posture favoring lumbago are "bending forward" and "lifting a load by bending forward". For example; washing your face or putting on shoes. As we bend forward in these postures, we have to be careful. "
A sudden change of posture" like getting up from the bed, twisting the back suddenly or sneezing might be dangerous.

Evolution of lumbago

low back pain

The pain evolution of low back pain is as follows (considering the complete recovery in 1 month)

  • Just after lumbago...acute pain
  • 2-3 days later...pain relief
  • After one week...pain becomes much less
  • Within a month...complete recovery

"Acute Low Back Pain": The best way to treat it rapidly

Treatment just after "Acute low back pain" occurred.

low back_4.1

Just after back pain occurs, when the pain is violent, let's adapt a posture which doesn't burden your back. Sleep on your side and bend your knees slightly. Or, put a cushion under your knees. Sleep on your back and put your feet on a low support.

Treatment after 2-3 days

When a low back pain occurs, common knowledge says that it is important to rest. But we know now that this rest might alter dorsal muscles. And this could delay recovery. So after 2-3 days, when the pain becomes less, it is recommended to move actively.

Preventing recurrences

"low back pain" preventing recurrences

  1. Do not make unusual movements
  2. Lower stress
  3. Avoid being overweight
  4. Exercise

Recurrences within a year affect up to 25% of patients. In order to not suffer again, it's important to respect the following recommendations.

1) Do not make unusual movements
Try not to burden your back. Don't try to bend forward.

2) Reduce stress
If a stress situation lasts, you can be more sensitive to pain. It's important to lower your stress level by listening to music or eating what you like.

3) Avoid being overweight
The extra charge can be a burden to your back.

4) Do some exercise
Exercise after your recovery because this might be the way to take care of your back.