Stress Management is very important! Check your stress with this simple test.


English セルフケア・対処

Stress leads to various diseases. It is important to do stress management. Let's check your stress with a simple test.

Everybody is so busy and the world so complex, that there is always some kind of stress looming over them. And almost each of us has a smartphone which provides artificial information. It's important to stay connected with the real world, to feel refreshed. Unfortunately, people don't take time to do so.

What kind of effect stress can have on us physically and psychologically?

A built up of stress becomes apparent in various ways.

For example, it can manifest through an emotional state like:

  • Becoming irritable
  • Consuming a large amount of sweets
  • Drinking lots of alcohol

Or it can appear in a different manner:

  • Becoming constipated
  • Getting a diarrhea

But people don't react equally while having stress. People generally have a predisposition towards stress. This could be either "genetic" or "environmental depending on where a person was raised." Another point is the experience of each individual.

Individual behavior and thought habits are the key to gaining an extremely high resistance to stress. Resistance to stress is determined through a combination of multiple factors. As long as individuals stay within their limits, stress can be alleviated. But if their limits are exceeded, this can lead to illness. And this point is so scary about stress.

Lots of illnesses are related to stress:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • People become more susceptible to colds
  • High blood pressure
  • Ulcers
  • Asthma
  • Cancer

Psychological disorders are also connected to stress:

  • Clinical depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Sleep disorders

There are two Stress hormones.


Causing the entire body to enter a state of excitement with an increased heart rate and heightened blood-sugar levels. It affects the heart and blood vessels.
Ex: adrenaline is released while an individual tries to accomplish something or when they try to endure something. In other words when stress is associated with effort.


Cortisol is released when stress is associated with endurance. It occurs when trying to endure a situation. While increasing resistance, immunity is decreased. It also affects the brain, causing depression and anxiety. However, if the adrenaline is too much released, (when people forget the time limit), people tend to continue to push themselves, getting burnt out. It is therefore important to recognize this stress before getting burnt out.

Here, we recommend you, to use a calendar or note book to measure one's reserve strength. You note each day when you get home or you're preparing to go to bed and how much reserve strength remains.

Ex: if you don't even have enough strength left to remove your makeup, that's 0 percent. If you are in good enough shape to watch a video, 60 percent. Without thinking it too hard, just go with the flow. (you also can comment on what kind of day you had, that will help when you look back at, later)

By taking these notes, we can get a relatively accurate measurement and you can visually confirm your stress levels.

It's a little tough to deal with something you can't see, but if you write it down, it becomes easier to see how much stress has built up, giving you an indication as to whether you should take a break, or let you know that you should be capable of pressing on for a while longer. This is the kind of thing that these notes will tell you. This way, stress management doesn't have to reduce productivity, but it should allow you to remain productive without being crushed under stress pressure.

Stress check Test


Here is a simple Stress Check Test with 8 emotions which seem to be the most suitable to check if we are stressed.

Please fill in each square and calculate the total points. This test is on 40 points. The lower the points are, the less stressed you are. And vice versa. If you have more than 24 points, it's quite serious. And when you have more than 32 points, it's very serious! If so, you must change your life style or go to a specialist to find a solution concerning your stress as soon as possible.