Children's preventive vaccination in Japan


English 子どもの病気・トラブル

There are 2 categories of preventive vaccination in Japan. The routine vaccination organized by the municipality or local government and the voluntary vaccination which depends on the judgement of protectors.

If the routine vaccination is performed during the designated period, it's free of charge in principle. Concerning the voluntary vaccination, it's on a pay yourself basis. However, we recommend you to check if there can be any vaccination supported by the local authorities.

If you are inoculated during the designated period, local authorities will bear the cost. If you cannot be vaccinated during the designated period due to certain diseases, you still can get vaccinated. Please check with the local authorities and public health centers.

The importance of being inoculated is to prevent familiar infectious diseases like Rubella and Varicella.

It is also to prevent some epidemic diseases like Diphtheria and Polio which have almost disappeared from Japan to reappear. As well as to prevent Tetanus, an infectious disease during a disaster period.
All those invisible effects are very important.



*Attention: if your temperature is over 37.5 degrees fever the day of vaccination, you can't get vaccinated in principle. In case your child is not in his usual health condition, you may refrain from getting vaccinated. If the person contracted a heavy rash after a previous vaccination, the person can't get vaccinated with the same vaccine.
There could be some side effects of vaccination like "fever", "pain or redness of the area".
Symptoms are usually very light, but in some rare cases, one could have heavy symptoms. To prevent side effects and its frequencies, it's important to report precisely to the GP (General Physician) the child's health condition.
Recently, there are more and more simultaneous vaccinations in Japan. Those simultaneous vaccinations are safe, and the appearance of side effects doesn't increase.
If you have any questions or worries, please talk to your GP or pediatrician.

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