Episode #95Next-Gen Magazines: These Are ZINEs!

Zines, independently produced from cover to cover, have a long history in the West. During the 80s and 90s they were a go-to source for underground art and music, a little left of the mainstream. The rise of the Internet did these zines no favors.Fast forward: it’s 2018 and iconic Japanese magazines are opting to focus on their online counterparts. You really think that’s going to keep the next generation of Tokyo’s creative youth culture down? Ha! Quite the opposite! Join us as for an exploration of the incredibly diverse and creative world of Tokyo zines! [UTC]
November 2 Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30 / 18:30
Shooting Locations

    DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS A bookstore that has books, magazines, DVDs and CDs from all over the world. It has recently started selling ZINES and have been popular with fashionable people. Place: Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


    MOUNT ZINE SHOP A ZINE speciality store where you can find more than two hundred different kinds. They also hold workshops that teach professional techniques for making ZINES such as designing and bookbinding. Place: Yakumo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

  • Rokkakubashi Shotengai

    Rokkakubashi Shoutengai A shopping street visited at the camping event. There are about 170 stores within 300 meters. Events, such as free markets and live concerts are held every month. CAUTION: Camping is NOT allowed without permission! Place: Rokkakubashi, Yokohamashi, Kanagawa-ken

  • curry kusamakura

    curry kusamakura A curry restaurant that was featured on ZINE. They put extra effort in their choices of spices and rice, characteried by lots of vegetables with mainly onions. Place: Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Photobook
  • misuru

    misuru A staff of a secondhand clothing store. She showed us her "Cool and Cute"fashion with an oversized jacket.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Hiroe Miyaoka

    Water wave nails
    Jemmari Kawai
    She showed us how to make patterns that look sheer like a watery surface.

    Nail artist She propses trendy and seasonal nail art ideas on her video posting site that you can try with ease.

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