Episode #55Kawaii Life in Tokyo!

This time, we feature Kawaii fans from abroad who live in Tokyo. We introduce to you their daily lives in Tokyo to their recommended spots, and the Kawaii fan communities for foreigners. We deliver you the real Tokyo life of Katie from the UK, who has been living in Tokyo for three years and Sarah from Spain, who has been living in Tokyo for nine months.
This time’s Kawaii Reporter will report all about the Anime Festival Asia 2016 that was held in Singapore. Also we announce the results for Kawaii.i FASHION CONTEST! Who will become the next Kawaii Leader?
December 24, Sat. 4:10/11:10/16:10/22:10
December 24, Sat. 13:10/20:10
December 25, Sun. 1:10/7:10
Shooting Locations
  • ACDC RAG VITE shop

    ACDC RAG VITE shop It is a shop located at Takeshita street in Harajuku. They have items of different genres: Harajuku Kawaii, Dance, Punk, and Lolita. Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Reissue

    Reissue It is a famous café known for its latte art and is located on Harajuku street. The 3D latte art made by George, the café manager is very popular that many foreigners come visit to see his artistic skill. Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Nakano Broadway

    Nakano Broadway It is a complex building that is also known as “the mecca of subculture” and is located in Nakano. They have many shops inside the complex that carry toys, animes and subculture items. It is a place where many manias and tourists from abroad come visit. Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

  • MANDARAKE Nakano

    MANDARAKE Nakano A specialty shop located on the second to fourth floor of Nakano Broadway. From mangas to games, figures and original pictures, as well as tinplate toys, they buy and sell many different items and has its shops all over Japan. Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

  • Bar Zingaro

    Bar Zingaro It is a café and a bar that is located on the second floor of Nakano Broadway. You can enjoy their special coffee while observing the art pieces selected by Takashi Murakami. Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

  • Spank!

    Spank! It is a second hand shop for women’s apparel, 80’s pop disco is their fashion theme. It’s located on the fourth floor of Nakano Broadway. They carry second hand clothes carefully selected from the U.S., as well as their originals. Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Kawaii Tutorial
  • How to make your own original ceiling light

    T-shirt indigo dyeing by “Root Rolling” method
    Shiowaki Koyomi
    She is an indigo dyeing artisan at “Kosoen,” an indigo dyeing studio in Ome city, Tokyo. This time she showed us how to dye in dotted patterns by using the indigo dyeing method called the “Root Rolling” method.

Kawaii Reporter
  • Kai

    Kai She is a Kawaii fan from Singapore who writes articles for different magazines. She reported to us the Anime Festival Asia 2016 that was held in Singapore.


Katie Carter

Katie Carter She is a British girl who has been living in Tokyo for three years. She became interested in Japanese culture through anime and mangas and decided to come work in Japan as an English teacher right after college.

Sarah Gil Barranco

Sarah Gil Barranco She is a Spanish girl who has been living in Tokyo since this April. She is an exchange student studying in college in Tokyo. She liked Japanese anime ever since she was little and started getting into Harajuku fashion when she was fourteen years old.

Tokyo Photobook
  • Towako

    Towako She is a model who spreads a new fashion genre called “Otan-bitch,” which mixes the Japanese word, Otanbi (admiration in English) and the word bitch. The base of her fashion is black and uses a corset as an accent.

  • Haruki Kanda

    Haruki Kanda He is a beauty salon assistant who works in a beauty salon in Omotesando. He showed us his fashion style with his favorite transparent coat.

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