Episode #47Genderless Kawaii

Kawaii International celebrates its fifth year!
This episode, we report Genderless Kawaii. Currently in Tokyo, there is a new trend amongst boys. The characteristic is “Genderless Fashion” that values “beauty.” And one of the predecessors, Usuke Devil has a lot of followers on SNS. We followed him for a day to find out how his “beauty” is created. He will teach us make-up tips and hints on how to look genderless. Also, we show “Genderless Fashion” shops for girls who enjoy boyish styles.
In the latest segment “Kawaii News Reporter,” Audra, the fan of the show reports the Kawaii fan event that was held in LA. Additionally, we reveal three Kawaii Leaders for round three. And of course, there are regular segments such as Tokyo Photobook and Kawaii Tutorial! We deliver you with a lot of contents.
April 30, Sat. 4:10/11:10/16:10/22:10
April 30, Sat. 13:10/20:10
May 1, Sun. 1:10/7:10
Shooting Locations
  • Bunka Fashion College

    Bunka Fashion College Fashion College that Usuke Devil and sakupan attend. One of the popular fashion related colleges that famous designers such as Junko Koshino and Keita Maruyama graduated. Address: 3-22-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8522
    Phone: +81-3-3299-2216

  • cafe&bar FACTORY45

    cafe&bar FACTORY45 Café in Shin-Okubo that Usuke Devil and sakupan went after school. It looks like a hide-away that is located behind the lively Korean town. Address: 2F KMpuraza 1-16-17 Shinokubo, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 169-0072
    Phone: +81-3-3209-3599

  • merican Apparel

    American Apparel The shop that their clothes were used in the Genderless boy makeover. It is an apparel shop from the US. Their designability is great and has different varieties of colors and sizes. Address: 1-23-25 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
    Phone: +81-3-6427-9740


    SANTO NIBUN NO ICHI This shop carries men’s second hand clothes. They suggest “big boyish styling” for girls to wear oversized men’s clothes. This is popular amongst teens and a long line is made outside the store on weekends. Address: 3F Kiiro-to 4-26-28 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Kawaii Tutorial
  • How to make “Cute Sleeping Bear in a Futon Omurice (Omlet with ketchup rice filling)”

    How to make “Cute Sleeping Bear in a Futon Omurice (Omlet with ketchup rice filling)”
    Cooking perfomer. She films her cooking at home and posts her video in the video sharing platform “C Channel”. She researches how to make cooking look artistically beautiful. She is good at making cute character dishes filled with playfulness. This time she shows us how to make “Cute Sleeping Bear in a Futon Omurice (Omlet with ketchup rice filling)”.

Kawaii Reporter
  • Harajuku Fashion Meetup

    Harajuku Fashion Meetup
    Audra Jayne
    Audra, who was chosen for the candidate for round two Kawaii Leader, went to report HARAJUKU FASHION Meet that was held in LA. This event is where Kawaii fans meet up and exhange informations. It was the event’s sixth time since they started in November 2015. In this event, 50 Kawaii fans gathered. Audra interviewed the sponser and the participants in this event.


Usuke Devil

Usuke Devil Model and DJ. He mainly works as a model for magazines and men’s fashion brands, but is also learning about apparel industry management in a fashion college in Shinjuku, Tokyo. As a predecessor of “Genderless Fashion” he is popular amongst younger generation from the streets and SNS. In the episode, he takes on the makeover segment that transforms a normal boy into “Genderless.”


sakupan Student. One of the Genderless fashion colleagues who goes to the same school as Usuke. In the past he used to be a model for ladies’ brand and shop staff because of his beautiful selfies. He has 60,000 followers on his SNS.


shouta Stage actor. In Usuke’s makeover segment, he tries Genderless Fashion!


mico Owner of SANTO NIBUN NO ICHI, a second hand clothes shop in Harajuku. By using men’s big sized second hand clothes in the US, she offers boyish styles for girls.

Aya Matsuura 

Aya Matsuura  In 2015, she launched a Genderless Fashion brand for men called Aya Matsuura. She is also a designer. The characteristic is that it offers pants that are like a long skirt and incoorporates feminine designs such as florals and ribbons into men's clothing.

Gekidan Bancho Boys

Gekidan Bancho Boys Performance group that formed in 2014, consisting of 15 to 24 years old Genderless beautiful boys. In the April performance this year, they wore Aya Matsuura’s clothes for their costumes.

Beckii/ Kawaii Leader

Beckii / Kawaii Leader She submitted her Dolly fashion from Isle of Man in the U.K. In Dolly Kawaii Contest, she received the most users’ votes. By a video sharing website, she spreads Kawaii informations and has 110,000 channel subscribers. Her ability as an influencer was highly appraised.

Kacey/ Kawaii Leader

Kacey / Kawaii Leader She submitted from NY, US, studies fashion in Parsons School of Design. Her creativity to hand make unique fashion with the theme of Kawaii was highly recognized.

Kazumi/ Kawaii Leader

Kazumi / Kawaii Leader She submitted from La Paz, Bolivia with her Decorative fashion. She was selected in the MIX-it-up Kawaii Contest. One of the selection’s criterias was her activity to spread Kawaii. She held a Kawaii cultural event for the first time in Bolivia, as well as spreading Kawaii information through her blog. It is popular with 200,000 access.

Tokyo Photo Book
  • Momonyo

    Momonyo Shop staff of KINSELLA, a second hand clothes shop in Harajuku. She styles everything in second hand clothes that are inspired from the 70’s hippie style.


    POCHI J-pop DJ. She likes music and likes to dress herself as if she’s going to a festival. She is particular with size to make it look feminine by wearing a big T-shirt that looks like a dress.

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