Episode #25Myanmar’s Mega Kawaii Makeover!
Part1: Inspiration

This episode of Kawaii International will be all about Myanmar! As a collaboration project with the local TV station, mntv, the three fashion producers who are attracting attention in Tokyo compete with each other for the first prize of creating Kawaii style featuring Myanmar. As this time being the first part of this episode, we will report on the individual research that the fashion producers had done in Myanmer! [UTC]
June 28, Sat. 15:10/21:10
June 29, Sun. 3:10/9:10
June 29, Sun. 0:10/6:10/12:10/18:10
Shooting Locations
  • Junction Square

    Junction Square A shopping mall opened in March, 2013. The three fashion producers visited there to meet the fashionable youths.
    There are over 270 shops, of fashion mainly, in the mall.
    Address: Kyun Taw Rd

  • Shwedagon Pagoda

    Shwedagon Pagoda The biggest Buddhist temple in Myanmar that the fashion producers visited to be exposed to traditional Burmese culture.
    The pagoda is 100 meters high and the total site area is 460,000 square meters.
    Entering the temple with street shoes or skimpy clothing is strictly prohibited.
    Address: U Htaung Bo Road, Yangon, Myanmar

  • National Races Village

    National Races Village The fashion producers tried the traditional costumes there.
    There are reproduction of houses and lifestyles of 8 main ethnic groups and the visitors can feel the cultures.
    Address: Thanlyin Bridge. Thaketa Township, Yangon

  • Bogyoke Aung San Market

    Bogyoke Aung San Market The biggest market in Yangon that Kimura U went for shopping.
    There are various shops that sell variety of items such as food, clothes, accessories, folk crafts, antiques and jewels.
    Address: Bo Gyoke Rd Yangon

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Glamorous Rock Makeup tutorial by Miwa Mochizuki

    Glamorous Rock Makeup tutorial by Miwa Mochizuki Miwa Mochizuki, fashion producer of GLAD NEWS will teach you guys the “glamorous rock” makeup, the brand’s theme for this year!


Nan Mouk Laung Saing

Nan Mouk Laung Saing Managing Director of mntv, TV station in Myanmar. She is the key person for this project. She is going to choose the winner among the three producers and invite her to the TV station in Myanmar.

Kimura U

Kimura U KOKOkim designer/fashion producer. As you guys know in Kawaii International, she’s “the most pink creator in the world.” She started her brand with the concept of “MOEHARA” which is the mixed value of “MOE” from Anime world and “HARAJUKU” from fashion world.
Her brand is really popular all over the world for the uniqueness of its world view with fashion and anime.

Miwa Mochizuki

Miwa Mochizuki GLAD NEWS fashion producer. The brand proposes the style for “women with strong will (independent),” with the keywords of independent lifestyle, strong enthusiasm, and tough mind.
It is very popular for its feminity but hard rock style.

Saaya Hayashida

Saaya Hayashida Swankiss fashion producer.
She is the unknown girl who had becomes famous overnight; she started her brand by taking advantage of winning the prize in a TV show. Now she creates clothes that girls want to wear in their happiest moments, with the theme of romantic, sweet, and fantasy.

Pyi Pyi, Kyi Pyar, Thiri, May, Jacqueline

Pyi Pyi, Kyi Pyar, Thiri, May, Jacqueline Burmese girls living in Japan who love fashion. They participate in the talks and the judgement process with the view points of knowing the both countries.

Studio Decoration
  • Hiroco Ichinose

    Hiroco Ichinose She draws prosperous and good-taste world views that both children and adults can enjoy. For this episode, she created the original art pieces with the theme of Myanmar.

Tokyo Photo Book
  • Kimura U

    Kimura U KOKOkim designer/fashion producer

  • Miwa Mochizuki

    Miwa Mochizuki GLAD NEWS fashion producer

  • Saaya Hayashida

    Saaya Hayashida Swankiss fashion producer

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