Episode #14Kawaii in Tokyo & Paris

Today’s Kawaii International is all about Kawaii in Tokyo and Paris!!
The keyword for Kawaii in Tokyo is “Traditional Kawaii”!
MC Misha and our special guest will report the new trend of Kawaii, fusion of Japanese traditional culture and the latest fashion! You’ll discover the deep and secret places in Tokyo that we haven’t introduced yet!

Kawaii in Paris is revealed with the special report in JAPAN EXPO! Kawaii Leader Marie will show you the hot atmosphere of the biggest event about Japanese culture in the world.
July 27, Sat. 15:10/19:10/23:10
July 28, Sun. 3:10/7:10/11:10
July 28, Sun. 0:10/4:10/8:10/12:10/16:10/20:10
Shooting Locations
  • Shinjuku Isetan

    Shinjuku Isetan The most popular, long-established department store in Shinjuku.
    Misha and Judy visited the store to try out the latest Yukata.
    Address: 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
    Phone: +81-3-3352-1111

  • Sample Shop maiduru

    Sample Shop maiduru Food sample shop in Asakusa, Kappabashi.
    Misha and Judy visited in this episode.
    Address: 1-5-17 Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0035
    Phone: +81-3-3843-1686

  • Japanese Nail Salon Iroha

    Japanese Nail Salon Iroha Nail salon near the Sensoji temple, in Asakusa.
    Misha and Judy tried the Japanese pattern nail art.
    Address: Crescent201, 2-34-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032
    Phone: +81-3-6802-8383

  • Shinohara Furin Honpo

    Shinohara Furin Honpo Studio of glass wind-bell in Edogawa ward.
    You are free to come in anytime and experience the fun of making a wind-bell.
    Misha and Judy visited and tried creating them.
    Address: 4-22-5 Minamishinozakicho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 133-0065
    Phone: +81-3-3670-2512


    FAKEFOOD HATANAKA The company creates the a variety of products with unique ideas like accessories of food samples.
    In this episode, we introduced some of their products in the studio, such as raw meat head accessory, etc. in our studio.

  • Japan EXPO

    Japan EXPO Exhibition held in a suburb of Paris, France, which introduces Japanese culture such as Manga and Anime.
    The capacity is getting bigger and bigger every year. More than 230,000 people visited in 2013.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Tutorial for wearing YUKATA Ayumi Hoshino

    Tutorial for wearing YUKATA
    Ayumi Hoshino
    Ayumi, working at the long-established department store “Isetan,” will show you how to dress Yukata properly.


Judy Chou

Judy Chou / Kawaii Leader A host for fashion TV program “Cool Taiwan” and one of top fashion icons in Taiwan. She loves Japan so much that she visits Japan once a month. In this episode, she participated in a tour searching for Japanese Traditional Kawaii, with Misha.


Marie / Kawaii Leader Kawaii Leader in France. She came to Japan as a Kawaii Leader in episode 12. In this episode, she worked as a reporter for JAPAN EXPO in Paris.

Tokyo Photo Book
  • Yumiko Unno

    Yumiko Unno A shop assistant for the popular clothes shop “Sister” in Shibuya

  • Yosuke Sugimoto

    Yosuke Sugimoto A shop master for the popular used clothes shop “Kinsella” in Harajuku

Special Clip
  • Clip Image

    Finally we’ll introduce your works for summer outfit photo contest!!
    The presenter is Ayumi Katrina, our narrator of the show!

    Reporter: Ayumi Katrina A multi-national of Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. Works as a model in many fashion magazines, and also appears on television shows and ads.

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