Episode #107Gadgets, Toys and Games for All

In Japan, there are lots of unique toys people of all ages can enjoy! In the studio, Misha and RinRin try out some useful cooking toys. While Mr. Yabatan challenges himself to spend a whole day with just toys!
We’ll also introduce you to Japan’s analog game craze! Plus, an analog game idol joins us and talks about her favorite boardgames.
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July 5, Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30
Shooting Brands
  • T-ARTS Company,Ltd.

    T-ARTS Company,Ltd. A toy maker that developed the cooking toys and retro toys introduced in the program. It creates products aimed to stimulate users’ curiosity while suiting the needs of the current generation.

  • KAIYODO Co.,Ltd.

    KAIYODO Co.,Ltd. A company that plans and creates molds for figurines and capsule toys. In addition to character-based goods, the company also actively produces figurines based on other subjects such as art. The high detail and precision in their products are lauded by fans everywhere.


    BANDAI CO.,LTD. A major Japanese toy maker. It sells a wide genre of products from popular character goods to capsule toys aimed at both chidren and adults.


    CRIMAGE A group that produces analog games. Their goal is to create simple games that can appeal to people who aren’t typically fans of analog games.


    FREESIA ENTERPRISE,LTD. A company that sells analog games and miniatures. It also creates its own analog games in addition to importing games from overseas.

Shooting Locations
  • Game Market

    Game Market Held three times a year, this is one of Japan’s biggest analog game events. In addition to the latest games from major studios, works from independent creaters are also heavily featured. Event attendees can try the games at the different booths.


    JELLY JELLY CAFE SHIBUYA A boardgame-themed café. The more than 800 games can be enjoyed by everyone, from beginners to veterans. Place: Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Photobook
  • Kazumi

    Kay A remade clothing designer and DJ.
    She shows off a style that mixes goth and cyber fashion. Her original black pannier is the focus of her fashion.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Perfect for summer! A bun of rope braids

    Perfect for summer! A bun of rope braids: Yu Kudo She demonstrated how to make a voluminous bun using rope braiding.

    A hair stylist. She is skilled at creating simple yet trendy hair arrangements and has published a book on the subject.

  • Azumi Date

    Azumi Date An analog game idol.
    She loves playing games so much that she creates and sells analog games on her own. She is so talented that she won first prize at the national analog game competition.

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