Episode #07Girls’ Kawaii Secret Bases!
In response to viewers’ requests, we’re gonna feature on “Kawaii rooms” in this episode!
Based on your requests to our website and related website, kawaii.i, here is a undercover report of Japanese girl’s rooms...room of DIY, room of Lolita, room of Gyaru, etc etc ...! This is a super special episode of Kawaii International, which we can share girls’ REAL kawaii life with you guys.
U Kimura will introduce you Kawaii KADEN, a big trend in the world of home appliances.
In our popular program, Kawaii Tutorial, you can learn how to wear scarfs and mufflers in various cute ways, with Matsuoka Rie, a.k.a OKARIE, a model and a fashion director!
In Tokyo Photo Book, let’s see our fashion leaders’ philosophies and passions with the latest scenery of Tokyo.
Don’t forget to check our studio too- decorated with our cutest character DOMO!
Today’s guest is Haruka Kurebayashi.
November 23, Fri. 23:10
November 24, Sat. 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10/ 15:10/ 19:10
November 24, Sat. 8:10/12:10/16:10/20:10/
November 25, Sun. 0:10/4:10
Episode #06
Shooting Locations
  • DAISO Harajuku

    DAISO Harajuku Shop where Haruka Kurebayashi bought the cloths for deco curtains. Almost all of the items are sold for 100 or 200 yen. Address: 2F, Village107 1-19-6 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
    Phone: +81-3-5775-9641

  • THANK YOU MART Harajuku Takeshita-dori

    THANK YOU MART Harajuku Takeshita-dori Shop where Haruka Kurebayashi bought the vintage skirts for deco curtains. Shop of vintage clothes and various items. Address: B1, 175bankan Bldg. 1-7-3 Jibgu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
    Phone: +81-3-3479-2664

  • SUNHOSEKI Fancy Pocket Harajuku

    SUNHOSEKI Fancy Pocket Harajuku Shop where Haruka Kurebayashi bought the items for deco curtains. Shop of super cheap and cute various items, especially accessories. Address: 2F, Minowa Bldg. 1-19-2 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
    Phone: +81-3-5414-1288

  • Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba

    Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba One of the biggest stores of home appliances in Japan, where U Kimura reported Kawaii KADEN. Address: 1-1 Kandahanaokacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0028
    Phone: +81-3-5209-1010

Tokyo Kawaii Trend
  • U Kimura, who is a popular local model for Harajuku-style fashion magazine, reports kawaii KADEN for girls.
    (*KADEN is a shortened word, meaning home appliances.)

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Rie Matsuoka

    Rie Matsuoka The theme of our Tutorial is “wearing scarfs and mufflers in various kawaii ways.” Matsuoka Rie, a.k.a OKARIE, a popular local model for Shibuya-Gyaru-style fashion magazine and a fashion director shares her secret tips with us.

Kawaii Around The World
  • We’ll introduce some photos of kawaii rooms from our viewers all over the world!
    Plus, we’re gonna have an internet-broadcasting with_one of our viewers in the States. She’ll show us her kawaii room!


Haruka Kurebayashi

Haruka Kurebayashi Active as an artist (painter).

Tokyo Photo Book
  • Erino Makiya

    Erino Makiya A salesperson of a popular shop, “galaxxxy”

  • Nemu Yumemi

    Nemu Yumemi Member of the Akihabara idol group “Denpa-gumi.inc.”

  • Shinya Yamaguchi

    Shinya Yamaguchi Fashion designer

Special Clip
  • Clip Image

    We’ll show you behind-the-scenes of decorating our today’s studio, “kawaii room.”
    Can you see our cutest character DOMO in the room?
    Rie Katayama, an expert of needle felting Deco, decorates the room with cutely arranged DOMO.

    Reporter: Rie Katayama Master of Needle Felting Deco. She can make everything cute with wool fiber. Anything from a small doll to a big furniture as a chair, turned into sparkling and fluffy thing by her hand! She is one of the most noted artist.

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