Episode #116

Tokyo Tour Vol.4 ~ Beauty & Style ~

December 13 Fri. 2019

This time on Kawaii International…

Once again, Taiwanese actor Figaro Tseng joins our program as a special guest! For "Tokyo Tour Vol.4 ~Beauty & Style~", Misha introduces Figaro to the current hit fashion trend, Puchipura Outfit. Plus, MB, a popular designer in the men’s fashion scene, shares his coordination techniques!
We also visit a men’s makeup shop where Figaro gets a makeover to look even better than he already does!

And don’t miss our 6th Round Kawaii Leader Tracy Dizon on Kawaii IRL! She talks about the secret behind her creativity.

Episode #115

Tokyo Tour Vol.3 ~ Otaku Paradise ~

December 6 Fri. 2019

On this episode of Kawaii International...
Tokyo Tour Vol.3 ~ Otaku Paradise ~

Popular Taiwanese actor Figaro Tseng joins RinRin Doll on an exclusive tour full of Japanese subculture experiences!
Figaro takes part in a voice acting lesson taught by an anime voice legend and tries out the recent Vtuber boom!
We also teach you some special crane game tricks to help you get the best prizes next time you’re in Japan.
Plus, a visit to a photography studio established in 1921 leads to our hosts turning into 80s pop stars!

Episode #114

What You Need to Know to Make it in Japan!

November 8, Fri. 2019

Foreigners Following their Dreams in Japan!

This time, we follow a woman from Germany who works with Japanese kimono and a student from the UK working hard to spread Tokyo fashion back home.

We also show you the real face of our favorite reporter, Mr. Yabatan.

Watch and you might learn some hints to help you find your dream in Japan!



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