Episode #109

The Hot! The Cool! Best Tokyo Beverages

August 2, Fri. 2019

Episode #108

Unique! Japan! Travel! Tips!

July 12, Fri. 2019

This time we're bringing you our special vacation episode! From an authentic "gyaru" experience to a visiting a famous candy factory, this episode will introduce you to all kinds of exciting tours, as well as the best souvenirs to take back home with you. Plus, a special travel-expert will share some of their favorite vacation goods and packing techniques!

Episode #107

Gadgets, Toys and Games for All

July 5, Fri. 2019

In Japan, there are lots of unique toys people of all ages can enjoy! In the studio, Misha and RinRin try out some useful cooking toys. While Mr. Yabatan challenges himself to spend a whole day with just toys!
We’ll also introduce you to Japan’s analog game craze! Plus, an analog game idol joins us and talks about her favorite board games.
Don’t miss it!

Episode #106

Kawaii-for-Rent?! 〜Japan’s Unique Rental Services!〜

May 10, Fri. 2019

Long ago, before the advent of streaming services, watching a movie at home was prefaced with a rental. Those days are long gone. However, Japan’s rental service game is growing stronger every day! What’s for rent? Pretty much everything! From a limousine party to that designer handbag that suits your look but not your budget. When it comes to rentals, the sky’s the limit!
What else is for rent, in Japan? Tune in to find out!



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  • #106 Kazumi

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My Kawaii Personal Style Fashion Contest 2019


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The Next Evolution of Desserts

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Tokyo Tour Vol.2 ~Kawaii Omotenashi~

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Tokyo Tour Vol.1 ~ Dreams Come True ~

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