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The Grand Prix Japan Prize


Two Kids a Day

Entering Organization
Gum Films
Producing Organization(s)
Gum Films
Venla Hellstedt
Mohamad Babai
Israel, Finland

The film is set in the West Bank. Here, 700 Palestinian children are arrested by the Israeli army every year, which is an average of two kids a day. The four boys who appear in the film were sentenced to long prison terms on charges of throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. Their story is told through footage of their interrogations, and through interviews with them three years after their release, when they are already young men who have lost their childhood. The Israeli point of view is also presented through interviews with a former soldier and former officer of the Israeli army, as well as the former head of military prosecution in the West Bank. This documentary depicts the context of the continuing cycle of resentment between Israel and Palestine and attempts to find a clue toward a solution for the future of the children.

Producer's Comments

David Wachsmann