JAPAN PRIZE International Contest For Educational Media

JAPAN PRIZE Library Application Form


  • The JAPAN PRIZE Library is available only for study of educational contents or training of producers or study in class by broadcasting services, research institutions and educational organizations and not for commercial use or broadcast.
  • The DVDs are in English (voice over or subtitles)
  • The DVDs can be borrowed free of charge, however the expenses such as transportation costs and custom duties will be paid by the borrowers.
  • The DVDs should be returned within three months.
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(e.g : 02-9, 03-5)

The personal information you enter here will be used by the JAPAN PRIZE secretariat for later contact. It will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with individuals or organizations unaffiliated with the JAPAN PRIZE and NHK.

NHK Policy on Protection of Personal Information