About the Japan Prize

Our mission

The mission of the Japan Prize is to contribute to the advancement of the quality of educational content around the world and to foster mutual understanding between societies and cultures by recognizing works that make innovative use of visual media. Since its establishment in 1965, the competition has supported the power of the media by awarding outstanding works that foster people’s aspirations to further learn, reflect, empathize, and take action for the betterment of the world.

Platform for everyone interested in education

During the festival week in November, the Japan Prize hosts screenings, sessions, and workshops. Delegates from around the world are invited to watch outstanding works and exchange thoughts and ideas.
The Japan Prize is truly a platform for everyone interested in celebrating the power of media for education.

History of the Japan Prize

Japan Prize began as a competition for TV and radio programs.
Along with changes in our society and the media, the Japan Prize has also changed. Currently, it targets educational content that uses images and sound.
In addition to TV programs, movies and video works, the number of entries in the field of digital content such as websites, web games and game apps has increased.
Also, in 2003, the Japan Prize established the Proposal Division which helps to support production of programs for countries and regions in need.
Every year, finalists from each country and region come to Japan with their unique proposals and they inspire one another.
Japan Prize will pay close attention to developments in education as we continue to grow together.

2023 Annual Schedule

Annual Schedule

Divisions & Prizes

Divisions & Prizes