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Prize Winners 2014 Runners-up
Total of 320 entries from 206 organizations in 62 countries/regions were
submitted in the JAPAN PRIZE 2014.
On October 21st, the Grand Prix Japan Prize and all other awards were announced.

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Pre-school Category
The best work among educational audiovisual contents for pre-school children up to around age 6
the First Runner-up
Title Camusi Camusi - Marimbula-Guiro-Bongo Media TV
Entering Organization ANIMAEDRO Estudio de Animación (ANIMAEDRO) Country/Region Colombia
Remi and Sol, like most kids of their age, love music, fun and play. That’s why they have invented “Camusi Camusi” a game where a musical instrument is the protagonist of the fun. Funny words, interesting sounds and laughter is what you´ll find in “Camusi Camusi”.
the Second Runner-up
Title MK-X (MATHCODE-X) - Tens and ones Media TV
Entering Organization Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) Country/Region Norway
Frida breaks all the eggs her father is supposed to deliver to the local merchant, Brynhildsen. Will she manage to collect and deliver the right amount of eggs all by herself? MK-X challenges children to solve practical problems by using mathematics.
Primary Category
The best work among educational audiovisual contents for primary school children around ages 6 to 12
the First Runner-up
Title Full Proof - Action-reaction Media TV
Entering Organization NTR (NPS/Teleac/RVU) Country/Region Netherlands
The new science TV-show 'Full Proof' for children ages 7-12 drags science out of the classroom and takes experiments outdoors. Each episode is hosted by a different child from anywhere in the world. They do a number of surprising experiments revolving one central theme.
the Second Runner-up
Title Checker Tobi - "The Plastic Check" Media TV
Entering Organization Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) Country/Region Germany
Plastic materials are simply everywhere: packaging is made of plastic, electrical appliances, the interior of cars, shoes, toothbrushes, ball-point pens, toys, bags, furniture, clothing as well as very many items in Tobi’s Checker den: everything is made of plastic. The problem is: it takes forever for it to decompose – several hundred years.
Youth Category
The best work among educational audiovisual contents for youths around ages 12 to 17
the First Runner-up
Title Dancing in Jaffa Media Film/ Motion Pictures
Entering Organization Go2Films Country/Region Israel
Pierre Dulaine, an internationally renowned ballroom dancer, is fulfilling a life-long dream when he takes his program, Dancing Classrooms, back to his city of birth, Jaffa. For generations, Jaffa has been a city divided by two communities that continue to grow increasingly apart. Over a ten-week period, Pierre teaches Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children to dance together and compete together.
the Second Runner-up
Title Old Folk's Tales - Ysabel, Fear Comes From The Sky Media TV
Entering Organization HIERROanimación S.A.S. (HIERRO) Country/Region Colombia
Ysabel tells how she lived the bombings over Bilbao during the Spanish Civil War. Especially an episode during which in a walk with her father she saw a German parachutist whose plane had been shot down by ground fire. The voice of the elders is almost absent of the digital media. However, they treasure valuable contents to share, especially in relation with collective memory.
Continuing Education Category
The best work among educational audiovisual contents that support adults for pursuing further education (around ages 18 and over)
the First Runner-up
Entering Organization MEDIA 3.14 Country/Region Spain
Every year, up to 50 million tons of electronic waste are discarded. Since recycling is costly, around 75% of this waste ends up being shipped illegally to the Third World. Director teams up with an international cast of protagonists for an investigation which takes us around Europe, then to Brussels and the US, and finally to the world’s largest e-waste cemeteries in China and Africa to find out how e-waste is diverted from the legal recycling circuits.
the Second Runner-up
Title LAST CALL Media TV
Entering Organization Zenit Arti Audiovisive (Zenit) Country/Region Italy
Last Call tells the story of the rise and fall, and of today’s rebirth of one of the most controversial and inspiring environmental books of all times: The Limits to Growth. Its message is today more relevant than ever: unlimited growth in a finite planet will bring our society and environment into overshoot and on the edge of collapse.
Creative Frontier Category
The best work among educational audiovisual contents that has rich potential to support future education by taking advantage of the characteristics of media using fresh ideas and techniques (regardless of target audience)
the First Runner-up
Title NHK for School Media Website
Entering Organization Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Country/Region Japan
With the goal to provide a useful learning tool for children ages 6-15, all of NHK’s educational programs intended for that target audience are offered on this website. The site carries about 1000 episodes from roughly 50 programs. The content learned in almost all subjects of all elementary and middle school grades are covered in this extensive collection.
the Second Runner-up
Title Teacher - Episode 1 Media TV
Entering Organization GMA Network Inc. (GMA-7) Country/Region Philippines
GMA News TV's groundbreaking original series “Titser” (Teacher) discusses issues in Philippine education. It was based on a true to life story of a high school salutatorian who ended up becoming a house maid because of her family's poverty. The story was fictionalized to bring Philippine education issues to a broader mass audience.