In the JAPAN PRIZE 2009 , 324 entries were entered in total from 196 organizations in 65 countries & regions.

This prize shall be bestowed on the most outstanding work amongst all of the Audiovisual entries, which, in the view of the judges, excels in its ability to educate, in its pertinence to the requirements of the times, and in its contribution to educational broadcasting.
Title What's Your News?
Country United Kingdom
Organization TT Animation (TTA)

There are five categories in the Audiovisual Division, and the best work is selected from each category. The winning producer was awarded a trophy at the Awards Ceremony.
Title What's Your News?
Country United Kingdom
Organization TT Animation (TTA)
Title Merle
Country Netherlands
Organization Katholieke Radio Omroep (KRO)
Title Jimmy Doherty in Darwin's Garden: Dangerous Ideas
Country United Kingdom
Organization Open University Worldwide
Title Sharkworld
Country Netherlands
Organization Ranj Serious Games
Title Cecilie and the School Fairy
Country Denmark
Organization Danmarks Radio (DR)

The following prizes were awarded to productions judged to excel in a particular area from among all entries in the Audiovisual Division regardless of category.

An excellent work that encourages mutual understanding between nations and races or contributes to cultural exchange.

*The Japan Foundation is an independent administrative institution which aims at more comprehensive and effective development of international cultural exchange programs and which undertakes many cultural exchange projects.

Country Greece

An excellent work that promotes understanding of the lives or circumstances of children in difficult situations.

Title Skylark
Country Mongolia
Organization NTV (NTV)

Awarded to the best TV series that achieved excellent educational effects through continuous broadcasting over a period of time. The producer of the best TV series was awarded a trophy at the Awards Ceremony.
*The Maeda Prize was established on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the JAPAN PRIZE to commemorate Mr. Yoshinori Maeda, former president of NHK, who made great efforts to develop the JAPAN PRIZE.
Title The Wonder Pets!
Country United States
Organization Little Airplane Productions

An outstanding proposal for an educational TV program.
Title What's the buzz?
Country Swaziland
Organization Swaziland Television Authority (STVA)

An excellent proposal for a TV program, which promotes literacy and language education and contributes to development of basic education in an entrant's county/region.
Title Tsehai's Fidel School
Country Ethiopia
Organization Whiz Kids Workshop (WKW)