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Lunana Valley - The location where most of the filiming will be done   Gasa Dzong - The seat of the regional governor and of the monastic school.
The proposal for “A School Among Glaciers” describes a compelling feature documentary that traces the journey toward self-discovery by Nawang, a newly graduated Bhutanese schoolteacher. In Bhutan, teachers are assigned to remote places to teach children, and Nawang faces a long trek of 14 days over a 5,200 meter pass to the Lunana valley, where the Lunaps (semi-nomadic yak herders) live. The documentary is to follow Nawang’s hard trek and the process of how Nawang teaches children but also learns about Lunap culture and its ancient and enduring wisdoms.
Jury Comments
This year, the 30th anniversary of the JAPAN PRIZE, the Program Proposal Division was established. After deliberate judging, “A School Among Glaciers” from Bhutan was finally selected, because it offers the best promise for success with limited resources. The prize money offers significant assistance in competing the production. The proposed program would have a strong impact on society and raise important educational issues faced by isolated communities as well as the possible conflict between modern values and traditional cultural identity.
Producer's comments  
Mr. Dorji Wangchuk, Executive Producer, Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS)
The news of my victory was blasted for one full day on BBS radio and on BBS TV on the 6th of November and so it has sort of become a national affair here. I am getting calls every day from people I know and also from people I don’t know wishing me congratulations on winning the Grand Prix. It looks like the whole of Bhutan is aware of the JAPAN PRIZE. I had an opportunity to meet with the minister of information and then the prime minister. I believe the prize has encouraged me to carry on and other Bhutanese to join me in this sacred mission.