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Be strong and look forward to Future

Nguyen Ha Nugyen, Vietnam

2015 June 30


Being a part of humanity,I really sympathize with your pain that you gained from natural tragedies happened in your area 4 years ago. But I always believe pain will make you stronger and have more motivation to face with everything in your daily life. Remember that people around world always convey love and power of life for all of you to help you dream and hope for the future. Hope to see your country grows and develops day by day.

See you soon!

Tom Nelan, Ireland

2015 May 5th


I really admire your strong and determined spirit! I look forward to visiting your beautiful countryside areas this summer and supporting your economy!


Hauwa, Nigeria

2015 Apr 6th


There is a world of painful memories but how you are all moving forward shows a lot of bravery. Your honest feelings and effort give me hope for recovery from tragic events in my own country. May you find happiness and blessings always.

Keep your memories close to you, you've grown so much!

Cortney, USA

2015 Mar 18th


To those who remain fearful: remember that you are not facing your obsticals allone. People from all over the world are thinking of you, hoping for you, praying for your well being. Though a disater has struck your life, your harships are remembered and met by love. Even from this small island in the middle of the Pacific, you are loved. Please remind yourself every time you are afraid that help will come for you because you are not alone.

Sending Love

Shari, USA

2015 Mar 17th


Dear earthquake and tsunami victims, my Japanese class and I watched a video about the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. I found the video very informative and interesting. I want to say I have not forgotten and will never forget. Please take care and find happiness in the hardest of times.


Skyler, USA

2015 Mar 14th


For people whose lives are still affected, you are amazing for still being able to live normal lives despite the fear of nuclear radiation. It must have been terrible having to suffer through the destruction caused by the floods and earthquake in addition to the nuclear radiation. I hope that the situation with the nuclear power plant will not worsen and force everyone to leave the prefecture. I plan to continue supporting organizations that promise to help reduce the suffering in Fukushima.


Uila, USA

2015 Mar 14th


We wish you much peace and the consolation of a positive attitude.
Much love and aloha from Hawaii!


Kayla Muraoka, USA

2015 Mar 14th


For people who lost their loved ones, I am sorry to hear the news about your loss. My condolences go out to you. My love and prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong through this rough time.

For the people in Fukushima

Dylan, USA

2015 Mar 14th


For the people in Fukushima, I hope you are doing better now. Even if it is difficult, stay positive. Continue to stay strong and enjoy life. You can do it.

You can do it!

Tyler, USA

2015 Mar 14th


For the people in Fukushima, Hang in there! I believe you can go back to the way your lives were before the 3/11 disaster. I believe that each passing day brings you one step closer to getting things back to normal.

Condolences from Hawaii

Chloe Kato, USA

2015 Mar 14th


For all the victims in Fukushima, hang in there! Things are getting better and soon everything will be the way they were before. My classmates in Hawaii think that you're very strong and that everything will be okay! Many of us understand how hard it must be. Hang in there!

Remembering 3/11

Travis, USA

2015 Mar 14th


It's been four years since the 3/11 disaster and I still give prayers out to those living in the regions affected. To all the victims affected, I hope you all are okay and I hope the places damaged are rebuilt and made stronger than before. I hope everyone is safe and I give my sincere condolences to those who died in the disaster. I hope together we can all make a new and stronger Japan.

Japan the Survivor

Takeshi Sihavong, USA

2015 Mar 13th


Japan the survivor, the inspirational, the beautiful. It is so much more than a place for tears. In the face of relentless despair, remain cheerful. Keep living on with no fears. Stay strong and happy in the face of this great tide. Keep smiling and living brighter than ever before. With time the flames of disaster will subside and flowers will bloom once more.

Keep it up!

Jade, USA

2015 Mar 13th


Four years ago, a great disaster has struck in Japan. If I could, I would go back in time and somehow figure out a way to stop this catastrophe from happening. Japan has lost lots of loved ones, but they are still climbing their way to fight off the troubles they had. They are living strong, living their normal lives, and living with each other. They never give up and they have fought everyday since the beginning. I am proud for the people living in Fukushima right now. They take pride in their country and still look up to the upcoming future. Stay strong and keep it up!

Do your best!

Sachi Clark, USA

2015 Mar 13th


For the people who's lives were affected by the earthquake and tsunami, please know that the world still holds you all in our hearts and have not forgotten. Your resilience is inspiring and I hope that you all continue moving forward. Keep on going for the future!

Hope for Japan

Maris, USA

2015 Mar 13th


I encourage those who have been deeply affected by the events on 3.11 to continue to hold out hope, and have been humbled by all those who have. The events that have happened on that day were truly tragic, and it amazes me how people have recovered. I continue to wish for the best.


Monica, USA

2015 Mar 13th


For those who have been effected by the earthquake, tsunami, and the nuclear power plant, continue to persevere and keep doing you best! You are still in our hearts. We believe in you! Keep fighting, Japan!

Remembering those spirited heros who have lived on with hope!

Tara, India

2015 Mar 11th


Remembering each one of you, who have gone through a traumatic time four years ago and I am sure with you in dominating spirit you all have moved forward and will move to greater heights. I wish you all the best in everything you do and may you be blessed with a lot of inner strength, wisdom and the right focus and direction.

You are not forgotten

Paula Oye, USA

2015 Mar 11th


Four years after the earthquake and tsunami, I want to reassure the people of Japan, and especially the people of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, that you and all you've suffered (and continue to suffer)have not been forgotten. I, for one, will never forget. Your courage, persistence, and strength are inspirational to me and influence the way I live every day.

4 Years On... Continue to Pray for Tohoku

Michele, USA

2015 Mar 11th


It is 03.11.2015 - the 4 year anniversary - as I write this, here in the United States.
It seems the world - and maybe even most of Japan - has moved on, forgotten, caught up and immersed in the distractions of the here and now.

My hope, however, is that you know how much you are loved and that many many people in Japan and overseas care about you, deeply. I hope that we have shown you this throughout these past 4 years --and that we continue to.

I am in America (California, near Los Angeles), but I think about you and wonder how everyone in Tohoku is doing on a daily basis. I remember you especially on the anniversary, this 3.11 of the year 2015 --which is why I am posting this on this site at this time.

The strength and beauty you have demonstrated to the world in the aftermath and recovery process make me especially proud to be of Japanese heritage. Thank you.

I will never forget.
I hope to visit you sometime soon.

Hope is strength

Khawla Khalaf, UAE

2015 Mar 11th


To not give in to hardships is what amazes me in the people of Japan. Every passing year since the disaster, hope wins over defeat. Every where in the areas hit by the tsunami and nuclear disaster a glimmer of hope shines and grows. Surely, the strong will of the people will concur and happiness will shine once again in the lives of the people in north eastern Japan.

Best Wishes

Anish Kumar, India

2014 Nov 6th


I am very happy to see the spirit of the people of Japan that they have maintained during this calamitous period. I must admit this Japan is a great inspiration to all countries of the world. It is my dream to visit Japan and see beautiful Japanese temples in Kyoto.

A full heart

Christine, USA

2014 Oct 31st


It is with all of my heart that I wish for a speedy recovery. Be strong and may the love and hope of a bright future soothe your soul.

Change in Tune

Bill, USA

2014 Sep 6th


Formerly when I thought of the 3/11 earthquake the only music that came to mind looking at all that destruction was the poignant "Kojo no Tsuki". Yesterday on the internet I saw the pop hit "Happy" adapted for a chance to showcase the recovery of both people and property in the Fukushima area.
What magnificent spirit! You will surely triumph over adversity!!

Stay Strong

Jodee Bucknole, UK

2014 Aug 10th


I am a fan of Japan the culture, history, language and everything else. I find the Japanese amazing and strong. I have kept up to date with the recovery and my prayers are with the survivors and those lost in the hard time. I have always wanted to come and visit Japan and I send my prayers and dreams to the people.

Stay Strong

Phillip, USA

2014 Jul 14th


I lived in Japan for 2 years, as a student and as a teacher. I met many wonderful Japanese people and saw some of the beautiful places in which they live. I know that Japanese people love their homes and their neighbors. Don't let this hard struggle change that. Continue to be the wonderful people you always have been.

Hana wa Saku from Brisbane #5

JET Alumni Association Members, Ironside State Primary School Students

2014 Feb 15th


“We are thinking and praying for you all.”
~Richard Wilding
“Ganbatte Tohoku! I will never forget you.”
~Jacqueline McKirdy
“Although the road to recovery is long, tiring and difficult, never give up! If we work together, we will create a bright future for everyone. The people of Tohoku will always be a special place in my heart. Ganbatte Tohoku!”
~Nicole Clarke
“I lived in Sukawaga-shi Fukushima-ken for three years. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Ganbattekudasai.”
~Jasmin Lam Sing
“Gambare! Ouenshiteimasu! When I sing this song I think of the wonderful town I lived in on the JET Program - Yusuhara.”
~Mellisa Collet
“We will always be there to lift you up.”
~Terry Vo
“Please do not give up and I hope that Japan can recover soon.”
~Nien-Tzu Tsai (Annie)
“You are always in our thoughts and we admire your spirit!”
~Megan Cramb
“I wish for the whole of Japan to recover.”
~Jo Shibuya
“Connection to our creativity supports us to find ways fo reimagine our futures and connecting with each other in stronger and richer ways. We are with you.”
~Scotia Monkivitch
“Your friends in Queensland are with you!”
~Brendon Lutwyche
“Your tragedy touched all our hearts and we wish you strength and courage in your recovery.”
“Your strength lies within community! Be there for your neighbour! Australia loves you!”
“Our hearts are with you.”
~Jane Everett
“The hearts, thoughts and prayers of the people of Queensland and Australia go out to everyone in the Tohoku area, and I'm grateful to have this opportunity to show my support with my fellow JETAA Queensland members.”
~Ellen Burgess

Hana wa Saku from Taipei

Rixin Primary School Ocarina Chorus

2014 Jan 17th


“You can do it!”
“A happy and peaceful new year to everyone.”
“Wishing you happiness every day.”
“Peace is the greatest happiness.”
“Hi everyone in Tohoku, I'm a primary school student in Taiwan. I was so happy to sing this song for you. I know you've been having a tough time, but please don't give up. Remember that we in Taiwan are always here willing to support you.”
“I wish you a safe and stable life, and happiness every day.”
“I hope that our voice can bring you warmth.”

Hana wa Saku from Leuven

Students of KU Leuven, Belgium

2013 Nov 17th


“I always had a great time in Japan. Please take care.”
~Dellafaille Yannick
“When a big group of people suffer a great loss, they find comfort in each other and stay strong, because flowers wil bloom someday.”
~Aicha Hinnenbank
“Words cannot express the feeling of losing what's important to you. I hope time can heal your wounds as much as possible. I'm very sorry for what happened and good luck in your lives.”
~Ada Bollen
“In Dutch there is a saying, "Behind the clouds shines the sun". It means that even if things look bad, even if your situation is really bad, hope and good things are still there, they may just be hard to see. So my message is: if things are hard and it seems hope & happiness are out of reach, just look hard, and work your way around those clouds. There, you can find it.”
~Elfi Stuyts
“It is beautiful how people come together in time of disaster to help and support each other and though there is little I can do in compassion, I wish you all the happiness in the world and hope you find it because you deserve it 1000 times and more.”
“Life might not always be the way we planned it. Sad and bad things happen, but you can't lose your strength and have to keep fighting. When life turns you down, be strong, because the ones who learns how to be strong know how they'll stand in life. Make the future you want. Because the sun will shine again after a tune of rain.”
~Jasmyn Verlinden
“Flowers will bloom, let's move forward together. ”
~Sian Nien Low
“Our hearts are bound to be one.
You guys happy = me happy
You guys sad = me also sad
Got rice, eat rice... Got noodles, eat noodles together. No matter how bad things get, I'll always be on your side~ Don't give up! Keep fighting!”
~Yong Khai Kow
“We will support you from afar as you rebuild for a brighter future.”
~An-Sofie Trantsaert
“We're here for you.”
~Tahnee De Longhe
“Whatever happens, never forget that you're not alone. I am here. We are here. You are strong! Don't give up!”
“That the people of Tohoku don't lose their light and that they may strive forward to a love-filled future. For the whole world, shares their grief and sorrow and shall also be there to rejoice in their time of happiness and bliss. For I will also be there at the time...”
“Our thoughts and wishes go to all the victims of Tohoku that suffered greatly from the disasters of 2011.”
~Akbar Kakhkhorov
“All our wishes go out to the victims.”
~Sana Zonnekein

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