Thursday, 26th March, 2020

Tebako (Cosmetic box) Design of wheels-in-stream in maki-e lacquer and mother-of-pearl inlay
(Katawaguruma Maki-e Raden Tebako)

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Whether it’s a drawing, sculpture or craftworks, each and every masterpiece has a story that fascinates people. To know the story is the first step to understand the working of the magic, which the artwork casts on its admiring viewers. In this show, we introduce various episodes surrounding masterpieces held by the Tokyo National Museum to get to the bottom of the secret behind them.

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum

Built in 1872, the Tokyo National Museum is Japan’s oldest museum . Japan, which was still poor at the time, devoted much of its energy to building the museum as an important part of its modernization efforts. For more than 140 years since then, the museum has collected items such as art works, historical documents and archaeological artifacts of various Oriental nations and cultures, mainly Japan’s. The museum also conducts research and studies on its collections. It preserves and conducts repairs to display them. The museum also undertakes various educational activities. It currently possesses over 110,000 items.