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Overview of 2016 J-MELO Research

Team J-MELO enjoys lots of feedback from viewers around the world.

Every year since 2010, we've invited viewers to take part in an online survey about themselves, the show, and Japanese music. From 2010 to 2015, we organized our surveys in partnership with Professor Yoshitaka Mouri and his students at Tokyo University of the Arts. For 2016, we worked with the newly formed Keio University Art Center Pop Japan Project, whose members research Japanese popular music and other aspects of Japanese popular culture. We made our survey questions more comprehensive and divided them into six areas:

We hope you find the results interesting.


  • Q1

    About respondents

    Respondents by country or territory of residence (top 11)

  • Respondents by region

  • Respondents by gender

  • Respondents by age group

  • Respondents by stated religion

  • Respondents by first language

  • Respondents by other languages they have learned

  • Respondents by type of home

  • Respondents by people with whom they live

  • How much (in US dollars) do respondents spend on hobbies/leisure in a typical month?

  • How do respondents access Japanese music?

  • Where do respondents get information on Japanese music?

  • Q2

    Genres of music

    What genres of Japanese music do you like? Please choose every applicable answer in group A and every applicable answer in group B.

    Group A
    ・Minyo (Japanese folk songs) / traditional
    ・Techno / electro / house
    ・Hip hop
    ・New age / healing music
    Group B
    ・Male idols
    ・Female idols
    ・Movie music
    ・TV drama songs
    ・Videogame music
    ・Vocaloid music
  • Q3

    Music CDs

    3-1 Many people in Japan buy music CDs. Do you have any music CDs?
    a. Yes
    b. No, but I know what CDs are.
    c. No, and I don’t know what CDs are.
  • 3-2 Music CDs in Japan often come with a variety of bonus features. What bonus feature(s) would entice you to buy a music CD?
    Please choose every applicable answer.
    a. Special packaging
    b. Lyric booklet
    c. Liner notes
    d. Ticket to meet the artist
    e. Ticket to vote for favorite group member (e.g., in AKB48 election)
    f. Photobook
    g. DVD
    h. Poster
    i. Preferential access to concert tickets
    j. Other(s)
  • Q4

    Japanese artists abroad

    4-1 At what event(s) in your country would you like Japanese artists to perform?
    ・Music festival(s)
    ・Japanese culture festival(s)
    ・Community festival(s)

    Note: 29 respondents did not answer this question.

  • 4-2 In what language would you most like Japanese artists to sing?
    ・Your country's language (if not English)

    Note: Six respondents did not answer this question.

  • Q5

    Japan's image

    5-1 Other than music, what aspects of Japan and its culture interest you?
    Please choose every applicable answer
    • Anime
    • Language
    • Food/cooking
    • Manga
    • Traditional culture
    • Movies
    • Technology/Japanese products
    • Fashion
    • TV dramas
    • Tourism
    • Videogames
    • Art
    • TV game shows
    • Architectural design
    • Science
    • Sports (including martial arts)
    • Modern literature
    • Sake
    • Bonsai/ikebana
    • News (politics/business)
    • Classical literature
    • Cars/transportation
    • Other
  • 5-2 What do you think should be done to make it easier for music fans outside Japan to come to live shows in Japan?
    • Make it possible to buy tickets online outside Japan.
    • Increase the number of physical ticket outlets in Japan.
    • Make tickets cheaper.
    • Create concert travel packages.
    • Make more concert information available.
    • Other
  • Q6


    6-1 How do you usually watch J-MELO?
    ・Streaming [Device]
    ・Video site [Site, Device]
  • Video sites

Keio University Art Center (KUAC)
Survey Personnel:
KUAC Pop Japan Project
Mario Kumekawa (Vice-Director, KUAC; Professor, Keio University Faculty of Letters)
Nobuyuki Harada (Senior Producer, Japan International Broadcasting)
Ryosuke Hidaka (visiting researcher, KUAC; Assistant Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Fumiyo Kikuchi (director, J-MELO, NHK World TV)
Core members of 2016 student team
Daiki Sai (fourth year, Keio University Faculty of Economics)
Mayuko Hiwatari (fourth year, Keio University Faculty of Letters)
Saori Tsuchida (fourth year, Keio University Faculty of Letters)
Chihiro Fujimoto (third year, Keio University Faculty of Letters)
Misato Arata (first year, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo)