J-MELO Research 2013

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From 19 July to 31 August 2013, we invited J-MELO viewers to take part in an online survey* about themselves, the show, and Japanese music. We got valid responses from 1,305 viewers in 95 countries and territories. We hope you find the results interesting.

*We announced the survey in our international and domestic broadcasts and on the J-MELO website.


  • Numbers of respondents by country

  • Proportions of viewers by region

  • Numbers of respondents by gender and age group

  • Q1

    Do you remember when you first heard Japanese music?
    (1) Please write the year.
    (2) Please write the name of the artist, and the title of the song.

  • Q2

    With whom do you usually talk about Japanese popular music?

  • Q3

    If you enjoy Japanese music in ways other than listening to it, please let us know how.

  • Q4

    If your favorite Japanese artists played in your country, how much (in US dollars) would be a fair price for a ticket?

  • Q5

    What do you think is necessary for Japanese music to become better known outside Japan?

  • Q6

    Where do you get information on Japanese music?

  • Q7

    How/where do you mainly listen to Japanese music?

  • Q8

    How do you enjoy Japanese popular music on YouTube and/or other video sites?

  • Q9

    What genre(s) of Japanese music do you like?

  • Q10

    Other than music, what aspects of Japanese culture interest you?

  • Q11

    Have you attended (or just heard of) any Japanese cultural event(s) and/or club meeting(s) in the area where you live?

  • Q12

    How do you usually watch J-MELO?

  • Q13

    What do you think of the name "J-MELO"?

Yoshitaka Mouri, Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment, Tokyo University of the Arts