J-MELO Research 2016

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  • Thank you for watching J-MELO! We want to make the show even better, so we’d like to find out how people access Japanese music around the world. We hope you’ll help us by answering these questions.
  • For information on our handling of the personal information we receive from you, please see "Personal Information."

1 About You

1-8 Your household

a. Home [Please select.]

b. People you live with (if any) [Select all applicable.]

1-9 How much (in US dollars) do you spend on hobbies/leisure in a typical month?

1-10 How do you access Japanese music?

1-11 Where do you get information on Japanese music? Please choose every applicable answer.

2. Genres of music

2-1 What genres of Japanese music do you like? Please choose every applicable answer in group A and every applicable answer in group B.

Group A

Group B

3. Music CDs

3-1 Many people in Japan buy music CDs. Do you have any music CDs?

3-2 Music CDs in Japan often come with a variety of bonus features. What bonus feature(s) would entice you to buy a music CD?

4. Japanese artists abroad

4-1 At what event(s) in your country would you like Japanese artists to perform

4-2 In what language would you most like Japanese artists to sing?

5. Japan's image

5-2 Other than music, what aspects of Japan and its culture interest you? Please choose every applicable answer

5-4 What do you think should be done to make it easier for music fans outside Japan to come to live shows in Japan?


6-1 How do you usually watch J-MELO?

We may use your name and responses in J-MELO broadcasts, on the J-MELO website, and for promotional activities for J-MELO, but we will never disclose your email address or other personal information.

We plan to do more research about ways to make Japanese music better known around the world. May we contact you at your email address and ask you more questions?

Thank you very much!

J-MELO is grateful for research cooperation from the Pop Japan Project at Keio University Art Center.
Project leader: Mario Kumekawa (Vice-Director, Keio University Art Center)
Researchers: Sumie Mizukami, Ryosuke Hidaka, Mayuko Hiwatari, Daiki Sai, Saori Tsuchida, Chihiro Fujimoto