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Bryan is doing his best to master the art of being a Japanese homemaker, but his days more often end in failure than not. Seeing Bryan at a loss, Itsuki suggests he heads down to the local sento (public bath), a favorite spot of her father's. His first ever sento experience begins with trepidation, but he slowly relaxes into the warm waters, relaxing and loosening up for the first time since he arrived in Tokyo... unfortunately his tongue loosens up a bit too much...

BJ Fox's Must Try Items!

Coffee Milk
Coffee Milk

"Japanese milky coffee! The perfect way to finish a bath.” ―Hiroyuki

BJ Fox

In Britain, many people like a nice cup of tea after a long day at work; in Japan it's a bottle of coffee milk after a long hot bath! The coffee milk is sweet – almost too sweet – but so good, and depending on which of my dubious friends I ask it cures a wide variety of ailments. I went to the bath one time and had one friend tells me the coffee milk will help me sleep at night, another tells me it was good for energy – this magical milk seemed to help at both ends of the tiredness spectrum.

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