Home Sweet Tokyo


Safety First

It has been 3 months and counting since arriving at his wife's family home in Tokyo. Bryan is struggling with the cultural norm of allowing his 6-year-old daughter Alice to walk to school by herself, but his wife Itsuki brushes his protests away because “Japan is so safe!” Expecting Tokyo to be full of high-tech robots, Bryan is a little disappointed with the calm reality but, as he takes to the streets, he soon notices that something entirely less advanced safeguards the city: good ol' fashioned kind-heartedness!

BJ Fox's Must Try Items!

Vending Machines
Vending Machines

"Itsuki, why are there so many vending machines!?" ―Bryan

BJ Fox

Bryan makes a comment that he was expecting a ‘nation of robots and got a country of vending machines!’ It's absolutely true! There are so many vending machines in Japan and they sell everything from drinks (cold and hot, of course) to ice cream (cold) to fresh vegetables straight from the fields to umbrellas. There are also vending machines that sell all sorts of other items that probably do not belong on a nice family drama!

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