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[Bryan Jenkins] – BJ Fox

Bryan Jenkins BJ Fox

36-years-old, Londoner. He put his career at a advertising agency to one side to support his wife and move to Japan for the first time. He puts on a brave, energetic front, but deep down is struggling to come to terms with his new life of making delicate lunch boxes, Japanese learning and an uncommunicative father-in-law.

There is a lot of my actual experiences, cultural shocks in this script. I had to go back and discover the fresh outlook when you find things for the first time when you see something for the first time.

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[Itsuki Jenkins] – Yoshino Kimura

Itsuki Jenkins Yoshino Kimura

Itsuki met her husband while studying in London and a few years later they were married. She works hard as the sole breadwinner for this new family, while keeping relations cheerful between her Japanese father and English husband.

It’s interesting to see our culture through British eyes,like how all family members use the same water to bathe.

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[Tsuneo Matsuyama] – Tetsu Watanabe

Tsuneo Matsuyama Tetsu Watanabe

Tsuneo Matsuyama's life has been turned upside down; first by the death of his wife, and then by the arrival of his daughter – with a granddaughter and a British husband in tow. While he may struggle with daily life with Bryan, he is totally smitten with his cute granddaughter Alice.

The trick to make friends in a foreign land is to strike up a conversation even if you know only few words, and not hesitate to make a fool out of yourself!

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[Alice Jenkins] – Isla Rose

Alice Jenkins Isla Rose

6-years-old, born in London, but now living in Japan and enrolled in a Japanese elementary school. Tough, but full of energy, and finds herself as a bilingual interpreter for her grandfather (who speaks zero English) and her father (who speaks even less Japanese)!

I challenge you! What is the sound of a Japanese jumping into a swimming pool? Click to hear the answer!

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Directed by Teruyuki Yoshida

Directed by Teruyuki Yoshida

Yoshida's extraordinary comedy series, "Salaryman NEO-Office Chuckles", became so popular it was nominated for the Best Comedy Series in the 35th and 36th International Emmy Awards. In 2011, he directed the smash hit drama "Amachan". He has received numerous drama awards for his works of "The Cave Man", "Hellgate Island" and "Fuji Family". His 3rd film, "The Detective is in the Bar 3", is scheduled to be released this winter.

Japanese people aren’t good at showing emotions with words. We often use objects to express our feelings. Our cultural identity is rooted in the daily lives.

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Executive Producer Mitsuru Mizutaka

A city full of wonders, Tokyo presents Bryan with many bitter trials. From its strange selection of food, public baths with unique rules to dealing with a very grim father-in-law, you are guaranteed to have great moment of laughers. Will then Bryan come to despise his life in Tokyo? The answer is NO. Instead, he learns about Japan 10 times more than reading a mere guide book. I bet after watching the show all audience, Japanese and foreigners alike, will be shouting out loud "I love Japan!" just like Bryan!

Executive Producer Keiko Tsuneki

Today, I see many international residents on the streets of Tokyo struggle to make the day by commuting on jammed trains, dividing garbage according to one of the most complicated recycling systems in the world, and more. So the idea was to come up a script which reflects the inner voices (or screams!) of these residents and work with a Japanese director to create a heartwarming comedy. I hope everyone interested in venturing into the unknown land will enjoy this dual culture and language comedy!

Special Thanks

Costume for Ms.Yoshino Kimura Ayako Nakai

Make Up for Ms.Yoshino Kimura Keisuke Sakai

Calligraphy Adviser ShouU Tanaka

Calligraphy Performance Matsuyama Girls High Schol, Saitama

Futsal Adviser Taku Matsunaga

Special Effect Make Up Kenji Ogimi

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