Home Sweet Tokyo

What has Japan got in store for Londoner Bryan Jenkins as he begins his new life as a stay-at-home husband in Tokyo!?

Starts Nov 19 (Sun)

Broadcast Schedule (Japan Time)

#1 Safety First
November 19 (Sun) 13:10-, 23:10-
November 20 (Mon) 7:10-
#2 Naked Communication
November 26 (Sun) 13:10-, 23:10-
November 27 (Mon) 7:10-
#3 Alice's Lunch Box
December 3 (Sun) 13:10-, 23:10-
December 4 (Mon) 7:10-
#4 Family Night Out
December 10 (Sun) 13:10-, 23:10-
December 11 (Mon) 7:10-

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When his Japanese mother-in-law passes away, 36-year-old Englishman Bryan Jenkins moves to Tokyo with his family to live with his father-in-law.

While his wife heads out to work in the city each day and his daughter strives to adapt to a new school and country, he must come to grips with being a homemaker in Japan. Each day presents new challenges, whether it be the Japanese bathing culture, learning how to make a proper school lunch – all alongside a silent, gruff father-in-law.

Full of laughter and love – and plenty of cultural misunderstandings, witness life in Tokyo through the eyes of a foreigner who just wants to keep his family safe and happy.

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