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Millennial Sex: What's Goin' On?

Stories on how “Japanese youngsters are not having sex” seem to be hitting headlines in recent years. NHK's cutting-edge program Today's Close-Up and the web survey project Generation What? Japan, or Nani Gene?(*You will leave the NHK website) have joined hands to take a deeper look into the issue. We asked the following question to millennials—18 to 34-year-olds, to be specific—around the world:

Q. Could you be happy without sex?
Japan — Yes: 39% / No: 61%
U.K. — Yes: 42% / No: 58%
Italy — Yes: 32% / No: 68%

…Wait a minute. Are “sex-less” youths on the rise across the world?
What's happening with millennial sex lives right now? We shall find out.

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QuestionWho are you attracted to?


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QuestionWhat do you think about sex?

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QuestionCan you practice sexual monogamy throughout your life?


QuestionHave you ever been sexually harassed?


QuestionDo you talk about sex with your friends and/or partner/spouse?

QuestionDo you talk with your partner/spouse about your sex life together?

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QuestionAre you able to share what you and your partner/spouse want from your sex life together?

QuestionWhere did you learn about sex?
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QuestionDo you know anyone you can talk to if you have any concerns or worries regarding sex?

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QuestionHas the lack of knowledge on sex ever caused you any harm, worries or troubles?

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In this part of the survey, we came up with the term “sex loss” to collectively define the state of those who want to have sex but cannot and those who can have sex but does not.
It concerns all respondents who are not getting any, whether that's by choice or not.

QuestionDo you feel that you are currently experiencing “sex loss?”


Question What is the nature of your “sex loss?”

QuestionWhat is your biggest reason for not having sex?

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QuestionDid you ask your partner why?


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QuestionWhy do you not want to have sex?

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