About fMAP


Fukushima, where we live. Fukushima, still full of mystery.
Rich, beautiful, and strong. A journey of discovery: "The Tale of Fukushima"

From the warm coastline of the Kuroshio current, to one of Japan's few heavy snowfall areas...
Fukushima has many faces.
As yet unknown scenery, life, and the stories lie here.
Sometimes rich and beautiful, sometimes strong yet flexible...
We have gathered the unseen feelings of those that live here, and made them into a map.
------Find fortune here; find individual fortune there.
So begins the making of a new map!

These are the people creating fMAP.

  • 皆川猿時(俳優・ミュージシャン) | fMAPに関わっている人たち


    Sarutoki Minagawa (actor/musician)

    Born in Iwaki City. Has appeared in countless television series, including the morning serial “Ama-chan”,
    where he plays a diving instructor from the south. An individualistic actor popular for his famous for his characteristic sideburns.

  • めばえ幼稚園年長さんたち | fMAPに関わっている人たち


    The elder class of Mebae Kindergarten

    The voices of shows such as “Koko ni fuku Ari”, “Tsudzuku”, etc., were played by the children of the Mebae Kindergarten in Fukushima City.

  • 萩原篤(ディレクター) | fMAPに関わっている人たち

    Production of the title film

    Atsushi Hagiwara(Director)

    The director from television production agency TV MAN UNION. Scaled Fukushima for three days to film the title film. Attracted by the beauty of Fukushima, he took more film than he needed for the film.

  • リバティアニメーションスタジオ | fMAPに関わっている人たち


    Born in Fukushima City, animation designer Takahiro Yasuda designed the animation for the title film as well as the map characters. His mother, Roka, is moved by his animated depiction of Fukushima.

  • 五木田岳彦(作曲家・音楽プロデューサー) | fMAPに関わっている人たち

    Theme music

    Takehiko Gokita(Composer, music producer)

    A musician graduated from Harvard. Has composed music for NHK's "Today's Close-up", "NHK world TV NHK NEWSLINE", "NHK Special", etc. He is participating to liven up Fukushima.

  • 平明広(イラストレーター) | fMAPに関わっている人たち

    Map Characters

    Hiroshi Taira (Illustrator)

    Injured his cervical vertebrae in a snowboarding accident 20 years ago in Aizu Wakamatsu.
    He has lost movement before his neck, but with his special order PC, he is capable of creating various things, including illustrations. Since the Tohoku earthquake, he has donated from his sales, and until today has donated over \300,000. This achievement has earned him the Japan Philanthropy Association’s Special Award.

  • 金井真紀(作家・イラストレーター) | fMAPに関わっている人たち


    Maki Kanai (Artist/illustrator)

    Debuted as an artist in 2015, after a career at a publishing house, and TV broadcast writer. Loves the Iwaki-born Shinpei Kusano. She had so much love for him, that she became a junior mistress of “Sakaba Gakko”, a restaurant connected with him. Her works include “Sakaba Gakko no Hibi”, “Pari no Suteki na Ojisan”, etc.

  • 木下尚久(フィールドデザイン) | fMAPに関わっている人たち

    Web Site Creator

    Takahisa Kinoshita(Field Design)

    Born in Osaka; before the Fukushima nuclear disaster, his only knowledge of Fukushima was the downtown area, Fukushima, in Osaka. But after coming to the Fukushima in Tohoku, he became of big fan of Fukushima, with its great scenery, delicious food, variety of onsen, and golf courses. He is scheduled to visit Fukushima again this year, golf bag in hand.

  • Performers in title film

    ・Rice farmer
       Miyo Akimoto with child
    (Kawauchimura Rice Farmer)
    ・Peach farmer
       Yoko and Mitsuru Suzuki (Suzuki Plantation, Izaka)
    ・Brewery girl
       Rie Hoshi (Kitanohana Brewery)/Two from Yamatogawa Brewery (Kitakata)
    ・Fish boy
       Toshiaki Kanenari (Raramyu/Kanenari Foods) and two others (Iwaki)
       The elder children of Mebae Kindergarten (Fukushima City)