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ChefAkila Inouye

Through his years of experience as a soba noodle expert, Chef Inouye developed a foolproof method for even beginners to make perfect soba. Since starting his soba-making lessons, he has instructed more than 20,000 professionals and amateurs, in addition to his work supporting independent soba shops and his appearances on TV, in newspapers, and in magazines. He is actively involved in promoting international familiarity with soba, and teaches soba-making lessons in English, holding lessons and events throughout the United States.

Jul. 28, Mon. 2014

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Artisan edition : Soba noodles

Our theme of this episode is handmade soba noodles. Our teacher will be the handmade soba master, Akila Inouye, showing us a fail-safe method for delicious soba noodles that even beginners will have no trouble with! We'll be cooking mori-soba, the best way to enjoy their natural buckwheat flavor.

In addition to soba noodles, we'll also show you how to make a dipping sauce, and a delicious bukkake soba recipe with seasonal vegetables and duck! This will be the perfect first steps on your journey to becoming a master yourself!