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Nigiri sushi

Dec. 29, Mon. 2014

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Nigiri sushi

Nigiri sushi

  • sushi
  • seafood

shari (sushi rice)
1 kg short-grain rice or sushi rice

seasoned Vinegar
(For 1 kg short-grain rice)
500 ml vinegar
90 g salt
60 g sugar

toppings (as desired)
maguro tuna, hirame flounder, shima-aji striped jack, salmon, sea urchin, etc.

seasonings (as desired)
soy sauce, wasabi, vinegar, rock salt, lemon, etc.

note: For ingredients being used uncooked, make sure to purchase them as "sashimi quality" items or live. We recommend getting in touch with a fisher or other professional for advice.


  1. 1. Spread out the freshly cooked rice in a shallow wooden sushi tub, then evenly pour over the seasoned vinegar.
  2. 2. Using a rice paddle or wooden spatula, mix the vinegar into the rice with a "cutting" motion until the rice begins to stick together again with the desired consistency.
  3. 3. Transfer the rice to a deeper wooden tub, and place a well-wrung-out damp cloth on top of it to prevent it from drying out. Let the rice sit for about two hours to let the vinegar's flavor evenly spread throughout the rice.
  4. 4. Cut your preferred toppings into easy-to-eat pieces, and add wasabi as desired.
  1. 5. Place the desired amount of sushi rice in your hand and gently squeeze it into an easy-to-eat shape.
  2. 6. Place the desired topping onto the shaped rice. Gently press the nigiri sushi into shape by putting it on top of your left hand and using your right thumb, index, and middle fingers to shape it.
  3. 7. Add seasonings as desired and eat.