< Top < Vinegar-marinated Aji horse mackerel [Nanbanzuke]

Sep. 15, Fri. 2017


Vinegar-marinated Aji horse mackerel [Nanbanzuke]

In this episode, we'll be making crunchy fried horse mackerel, marinated in a delicious sweet-and-sour nanban sauce! Vinegar has come to be known for its health and beauty effects, making this a great way to add more to your diet. For our side dish, we'll be making an easy simmered dish, allowing the flavors of soy sauce and dashi to soak into atsu-age fried tofu and spinach. Chef Rika will also teach us how to make a deliciously gingery salad by cutting carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers into strips, then adding a dressing made with ginger (known to help improve blood circulation), sesame oil, and ponzu.