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Mar. 18, Fri. 2016

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Ginger Fried Pork

In this episode, we'll be focusing on super-fast recipes. Chef Saito will be teaching us about two popular home-cooked Japanese dishes, and easy recipes to make each of them in just fifteen minutes! Chef Saito is an expert in authentic Japanese cuisine, not just quick cooking, making for some surprising recipes that you won't want to miss. Our first dish is ginger fried pork, with a sweet and spicy sauce bound to make anyone hungry. Ginger has a lot of fibers in it, so it usually takes a lot of time and effort to grate, making it a dish that can take a while to prepare, and getting the balance of flavors in the sauce just right can be difficult, but by using Chef Saito's unique trick of using ginger ale, you can have the sauce ready in no time! We'll also be making quick niku-jaga, simmered potato and pork, using a surprising technique that involves heating the boiled potatoes in a dry pan.