Shio-koji and Tofu Sauce

Shio-koji adds umami to the smooth taste of tofu and rich flavor of sesame. The tang of lemon juice gives an exquisite balance to this sauce.

Shio-koji and Tofu Sauce
Photographed by Keiko Baba

Recipe by
Myoho Asari


Beans & Tofu


  • 150 g kinugoshi-tofu

    Soft tofu. Moist, with a smooth texture. Good to eat raw.

  • 4 tbsp shio-koji (store-bought)

    A fermented mixture of koji mold, salt and water.

  • 6 tbsp ground sesame seed (white)
  • 2 rounded tsp sugar
  • 3-4 tbsp lemon, kabosu or sudachi citron juice

    sudachi:A Japanese citrus fruit used as flavoring agent. Has strong acidity and distinctive fragrance. It is about 3 cm in diameter, 30-40 g, and round. Kabosu:A citrus fruit. It is round and about 100-150 g. Pulp is yellow-white, very juicy and sour.



Place the tofu on a heat-resistant plate and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave (600 W) for one minute and wrap in a paper towel to drain.


Mix the tofu, shio-koji, ground sesame, sugar and lemon juice, using an electric mixer, until smooth.