大河ドラマ「いだてん」のワールド版「IDATEN The Epic Marathon to Tokyo」の放送日時が決定しました!さらに、英語ナレーションは、パックンこと、パトリック・ハーランさんに決定!「NHKワールドJAPAN」でも シェフと和食を作る番組「Dining with the Chef」のMCとして、海外の視聴者にもおなじみです。


「IDATEN」放送予定/On-air schedule (1話49分)

第1話 Episode1 ①8:10 ②14:10 ③19:10 ④翌2:10
第2話 Episode2 ①9:10 ②15:10 ③20:10 ④翌3:10
第3話 Episode3 ①8:10 ②14:10 ③19:10 ④翌2:10
第4話 Episode4 ①9:10 ②15:10 ③20:10 ④翌3:10
第5話 Episode5 ①8:10 ②14:10 ③翌2:10
第6話 Episode6 ①9:10 ②15:10 ③翌3:10




I was mostly unaware of the dramatic story behind Japan’s first Olympics. And I was surely the worse off for my ignorance! The road to the first Tokyo Olympics was no sprint, but a marathon, and the effort to achieve it could not be better symbolized than by the legendary marathon runner, the Idaten. This is a great story for all of us struggling to keep our feet on the road and our eyes on the prize during these difficult times!

The race to the Tokyo Olympics was also sort of a relay, with the baton of leadership being passed generation to generation. The quirky, charismatic characters who led the country are brought alive by all an star cast. It’s a pleasure to laugh and cry while we cheer their work and triumphs!

At first I thought, “What? You want me to do the voice of the Showa-era Rakugo Comedy Megastar Shinsho, as portrayed by our current megastar Takeshi Kitano and voiced by popular Actor Mirai Moriyama? And in English? Then I thought, Okay. And I’m so glad I did. It’s an honor to be part of the effort to bring this wonderful tale to the world.

IDATEN  The Epic Marathon to Tokyo  あらすじ

Episode 1

1909. Japan is invited to join the Olympics for the first time. Kano Jigoro, the father of Judo, recruits marathon runner Kanakuri Shiso and sprinter Mishima Yahiko as Asia’s first ever Olympians.

Episode 2

Despite their lack of success in Stockholm, Kanakuri Shiso and Mishima Yahiko are encouraged by Kano Jigoro to train for the Olympic Games Berlin 1916. But the dark clouds of war are gathering…

Episode 3

Tabata Masaji raises funds and fosters star swimmers as a coach. Japan’s swimming team has great success in L.A. in 1932, and Kano devises an unusual plan to invite the Olympic Games to Tokyo in 1940.

Episode 4

Kano and Tabata’s talks with Mussolini upset the IOC President. They invite him to Tokyo to show the enthusiasm for hosting a sports ‘festival of peace’. Kano’s dream is fulfilled, but war threatens…

Episode 5

When Kano dies, Tokyo gives up its right to hold the 1940 Games. Tabata dedicates himself to reviving Japanese sports and bidding for the 1964 Games, with ace speaker Hirasawa Kazushige’s help.

Episode 6

The Games come to Tokyo at last. Kanakuri and Tabata are overjoyed but recall the young soldiers who were seen off to war from the stadium. Kano’s stopwatch continues to tick just like his heartbeat.