Comments from the President

Summary of Press Conference (March, 2023)

  • (Comments by INABA Nobuo, President)

    I would like to comment briefly on my first month in the role of president of NHK.
    During the month, I spoke with employees regarding what their jobs entail, and I also went to see them work on-site. It made me realize once again that the people who work at NHK are experts who take pride in their work and do their best in their roles. Being able to work with such people is very enjoyable, and my days are fulfilling.
    I said at my inaugural press conference that my role is “verification and advancement of reforms.” True to my word, I have absolutely no intention of denying the reforms that have been implemented. However, I do think that there is a need to dive deeper into some areas, and I also think there may be some things which we have not even considered yet. This is what I meant when, shortly after I assumed office, I said that because the reforms were rushed, there may be slight discrepancies.
    This is especially true for reforms of the personnel system. The primary objective of such reforms is to enable each individual to perform to the best of their abilities. However, looking at the measures that have been put in place so far, it is my impression that some of them were either not at the level necessary to achieve the objective, or they were lacking in some aspect. I personally think that the personnel system should be a caring one that sets out various career paths and allows all employees, whether they are young or older, to dedicate themselves to their duties with peace of mind. When considering this, it is my view that there is a need to verify the measures we have taken to date.
    As for management reforms, I feel that various issues have not been fully dealt with. The budget will be reduced nominally, but even so, NHK must strive to improve the quality and quantity of its content and its programs.
    Therefore, we will focus on whether the reforms we undertake from this point forward will enable us to create enriched content, both in terms of quality and quantity. Needless to say, NHK as a broadcaster must continue to produce a variety of high-quality content, but an important point is whether the environment and systems are in place for that to happen. For example, we need to consider how to properly evaluate the abilities of specialists such as reporters and directors, how to accurately understand their working conditions, and how to carry out management of work in the best way possible without compromising the health of employees.
    In order to ensure that the series of reforms proceeds as initially intended, we have decided to verify them by creating a core team that will report directly to me and the vice president. The team will consist of those in deputy director-level positions gathered from each department. It will function as a hub that gathers opinions from employees of various departments in order to stimulate our discussions.
    To be more specific, the business operations that NHK must attend to will become more diverse and increasingly complex in the future. For example, they will include the formulation of measures to respond to the convergence of broadcasting and communications, the enhancement of quality control of content, and the strengthening and handling of risk management. Therefore, I feel that it is necessary to fully utilize our human resources in order to come up with specific systems and methods to deal with such challenges.
    Topics such as the utilization of our wealth of video assets and archives and NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s new strategy to consider global issues from the perspective of Japanese people and convey such views internationally – issues that I personally have an interest in – should be included in discussions in the future to enhance dialogue. All of these points entail extremely difficult challenges that NHK and other companies that create content have been unable to find answers to. But NHK’s officers and employees will come together to consider them deeply and find the best solutions to them.